Milan Prologue

MILAN- It is a simple story of the milan of our Loved MAAN and GEET.


MAAN – He was from a rich family but due to some twists in his life (which i will reveal soon), he is a self made man has his own business. A man of his words, always stands for the right things. He is arrogant and hard working like the serial character. Doesn’t believe in love (due to the twists)… but then something happens which changes him… for the better.

GEET – Very nice, down to earth girl but a chatter box at times. She is from a small town , was given a choice to either get married or study college in town. She wanted to be independent so chose to study. She is now working in some company (not Maan’s Wink)… She believes in loving who ever her parents choose to marry… till one day …

Other characters will play small roles, i will talk as they make entry…

Special thanks to Sam for the lovely banner…


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