Milan Part 9

Chapter 9
Maan found a dragon shirt that would fit him. He wore that and slept on the couch not willing to leave her alone in this state.
The next day was Sunday. Maan woke up late at around noon. His body felt very soar due to the biting and scratching. Then he saw that Geet was sleeping peacefully like an angel, all his pain vanished and he just kept looking at her. He knew that she would wake up late due to the effect of the drug so he thought that he should cook for them since she will be hungry. (They both didn’t have dinner the previous night). Maan went to the kitchen and made some pasta and tomato soup. He made an omelet for himself and ate it. After which he went back to her room and sat patiently on the sofa. In the evening he saw that Geet had stared stirring, so he immediately made some lime water and got it for her.
Geet was lazily opening her eyes holding her head since it was paining badly when he went to her bed side and spoke.
Maan: Here Geet have some lime water, you will feel better.

Geet was shocked to see Maan in her bedroom that too so close to her, she immediately pulled the covers up to her neck.

Maan: Geet, drink it.

Geet took the glass in a dazed state, trying to understand what happened yesterday, she drank the whole glass. She was feeling much better now. When she concentrated more on what happened, she remembered that she had diet pepsi and then she vaguely remembered someone carrying her and that she was scratching and biting someone. She was very confused as to what had happened. Then she saw that Maan was wearing her shirt. She couldn’t understand what would have happened and suddenly a thought struck her that they must have slept together. That thought came so suddenly and strongly that she didn’t even reason anything, she didn’t even realize that she should check her clothes and stuff to see if there were any signs, she just lost her mind in that thought and started weeping…
Maan (trying to cup her face): What happened Geet, why are you crying?

Geet: Stop, don’t touch me …

Maan (confused): What?

Geet (pointing to his hands): Don’t you dare touch me.

Maan was taken aback.

Geet: how could you do this to me?

Maan (not able to understand what she meant): but what did i do?

Geet: I don’t know what was in my drink, i think it was drugged, but you, you were in your senses, right. How could you do this to me? How could you , Maan? I trusted you, but you broke my trust?

Saying this Geet started howling and crying loudly. Maan just stepped back as if he had been stabbed. It felt like she put thousands of poisoned draggers across his heart. He couldn’t take her distrust on him… He just couldn’t believe that Geet thought that he would take advantage of her…
His eyes became moist. He was shocked beyond words and was too overwhelmed with emotions to speak anything. When he didn’t react, whatever doubts Geet had, that they may not have slept, vanished (she misunderstood his silence). She suddenly got up and grabbed his shirt by the collars.
Geet: Answer me.

Maan (he looked as if someone just ripped his heart and soul from him, he just couldn’t take it anymore): Geet, you think i am such a cheap, desperate person that i will take advantage of you in such a condition?

Maan removed her hands from his shirt and started walking out of the room, he was feeling so suffocated that he couldn’t even stand a second there.

Geet (when she saw him leaving): Wait! Give me back my shirt before you leave.

Maan stopped but didn’t turn. How much ever he was hurt by Geet’s words, he couldn’t give her any pain. He didn’t have the heart to remove the shirt because he feared Geet’s reaction, he knew she will curse herself and feel ashamed of what she did. Geet went up to him and stood in front of him. He bowed his head.

Geet (in a demanding voice) Give me back my shirt or else i will take it myself.

Maan knew he had no way out of this situation so he removed the shirt himself. Geet was shocked beyond words to see the scratches, bite marks and her lipstick all over his chest and back. She was taken aback at what she had done to him, she couldn’t believe that she had been such a wild animal. She was ashamed beyond words. She just walked back till she felt the wall and slumped down in a sitting position and started cursing herself. This is what Maan had been afraid of.

Geet: It is all my fault, Oh my God i provoked you… I am sorry for blaming you Maan when i was the culprit… it is because of me that we ended up sleeping together(after seeing his state, she was confirmed that they must have slept).

Maan went to her and sat down in front of her. He cupped her face and wiped away her tears.

Maan: Geet, don’t worry. Nothing happened. You are as pure as ever. I swear that i didn’t even touch you.

Geet couldn’t believe that Maan didn’t even touch her, even after that much provoking. She was overwhelmed and just hugged him tight. Maan slowly caressed her back.

Geet: Thank you, thank you so much Maan. I am so sorry for distrusting you. How can you be so good, you didn’t even bad mouth me, even after what all rubbish i spoke about you. Why did you keep quiet? You should have just slapped me. You protected me and i …

Maan broke the hug and put his finger on her lips.

Maan: Shhh. Geet, its ok.

Geet: Nahi Maan let me speak. I am sorry for how i behaved yesterday, she slowly touched his chest where she had bitten and scratched.

Maan: ShhhDon’t be sorry Geet, yeh tumhara Haq hai, only yours. You can do whatever you want with me. My mind, body and soul is all yours… only yours.

Geet was lost in the dept of his words, she couldn’t believe love could be so pure, so selfless, so forgiving. She thanked God for giving her Maan and hugged him again.
Precap: More Maaneet moments.
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