Milan Part 8

Chapter 8
(This chapter has some 13+ content)


Maan smirked at his plan to gate crash the party Smile… With these intensions he left for the lounge. He saw Geet sitting in a corner while the waiter was giving the diet pepsi to her.


Maan was wearing a transparent shirt and was looking hot. All the girls were eyeing him… But he didn’t give them even one glance and went straight to where Geet was sitting. Geet was sipping the diet pepsi which the waiter just gave, she felt that it tasted a bit odd but her thoughts were broken by Maan.


Maan: Hey Sweeto, how are you?

Geet (surprised to see Maan): aap yahan kaise?

Maan (with fake anger): Why you didn’t like my coming?

Geet: No… No…

Maan: So you liked my coming…

Geet didn’t say anything just blushed…

Maan: I will just get something to drink.

Geet: Ok…

Geet was so happy seeing Maan that she forgot all the doubts she had regarding the drink and finished more than half of it. Maan came back with his drink. He was shocked to see Geet swaying as if she was high…

Maan: Geet, what did you have?

Geet (smiling unnecessarily): Diet pepsi, but it never tasted or felt this good.

Maan immediately took her glass and he realized that it was drugged. Geet was no longer in her senses and didn’t know what she was saying or doing.

Geet: I feel like dancing… Oh God… Why is it so hot in here… I should remove my shirt (and was about to do so when Maan held her hands).

Maan made her stand up with his support and then with his arm around her shoulder in order to support her, started walking her towards his car. But Geet was in no mood to leave.

Geet: What are you doing, I want to dance

She tried to leave his embrace but he tightened his grip on her and glared at her.

Maan (angrily):   Chup! Bilkul Chup.

Geet put her finger on her lips and made a baby face. They somehow reached the parking. Maan made her sit in the passenger’s seat, put her seat belt and locked the door fearing that she might run out. He rushed to the driver’s seat and started driving towards her apartment. Geet kept singing wildly in the car and kept troubling him by touching the gear, steering…

Maan (angrily): Geeet

Geet immediately stopped all her mischief. They reached the apartment. Maan carried her to her apartment, while Geet tried to tickle him, but with his one glare she stopped.

Maan: Give me the keys, Geet.

But she was in no senses to do anything… So he searched her bag and opened her apartment. He carried her into the apartment and kept her on her bed. He thought that he will place some water at her bed side and maybe he should leave. He went to the kitchen to fetch the water bottle. When he entered the room he saw her dancing wildly on her bed and she was about to fall. He rushed to her and held her shoulder so that she won’t fall. She climbed on him.


Geet: You are looking so sexy in this shirt.

Maan was shocked and his jaw dropped open as to what has come over Geet. Before he could react her hands were roaming inside his shirt. He jerked her away making her sit on the bed and kept the bottle on the bed side. But Geet was totally under the influence of the drug (it was to make one loose all control, all senses and become wild and full of lust), she had absolutely no control, neither was she aware of what she was doing. She got up and grabbed his collar from behind. He tried to move away but due to force Geet was applying she tore his shirt away. Maan was looking smoking hot with bare chest and well toned body. Geet just jumped on him and threw him on the bed. She tried to kiss him on his lips. Maan could see that she was not in her senses and this was not what she would want to do in her right senses especially before marriage. He didn’t let her kiss him. This angered Geet all the more and she bit him wildly all over his neck while roaming her hands on his bare back.  Maan was feeling very aroused by her actions but was trying his level best to control his emotions and not touch her because he knew she will repent it in the morning and he would never want Geet to be ashamed of herself.


Geet was in no mood to spare him today and increased his torture by scratching his back and licking and kissing his well toned chest. He was about to lose himself and touch her when she bit him very hard (it started bleeding), that the pain brought him back to reality and he checked himself at the right time because he knew, if he touched her today he will not be able to control himself. Then suddenly Geet snapped and pulled out Maan’s belt. Maan’s eyes popped out as to what else was in store for him today… He feared how much longer will he be able to control himself… Geet moved her hands to his backside and started sensuously touching it. Maan was feeling very helpless and was on the verge of letting go of the control… Oh God when will this sweet torture end (Maan wanted to make Geet his own but only when she was in her senses and by her permission, not like this)… Fortunately for him, soon the drowsiness in the drug crept into Geet and she slept on him.


Maan didn’t move for an hour… He was so exhausted by his efforts… He was just admiring her sleeping when he realized that Geet would be annoyed and ashamed of herself if she found out how she had behaved. He thought it was best to hide it from her. He slowly got up making sure she didn’t get up, he carried her and placed her in the bed and covered her with the comforter. He then picked up pieces of his torn shirt and threw them away. He went to wash his face when he looked at his torso. He was shocked to see the how apparent the nail and bite marks were. He had to wear something else how will he explain to Geet. With this thought in mind he started looking at Geet’s wardrobe (he remembered the tweety shirt she had worn the first time they had met was over size for her so may be something would fit him). Finally he found a dragon shirt that would fit him. He wore that and slept on the couch not willing to leave her alone in this state.


Precap: Geet blaming Maan for taking advantage of her.


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