Milan Part 7

Chapter 7

So it became their daily routine, Maan would watch for Geet from his office and rush down to walk her home. She would talk non-stop with Maan lost in her. Later Maan would walk back alone. They both thought that it was walk in the heaven but none accepted that they were in love
A month passed by… Then one day Maan was a couple of minutes late when he saw that Geet didn’t wait for him. Generally if he would be late she would wait patiently for him, once he was full 10 minutes late but still she waited… Maan was shocked to see her walking rapidly and ran to catch up with her.
Maan: What happened Geet, why didn’t you wait for me.

Geet (was in a very foul mood): Why should i always wait… you have made it a habit to come late… i won’t wait… you wait someday..( and she continued walking)…

Maan realized she was in a very bad mood and he didn’t want to annoy her so he thought of ways to pacify her.

Maan: Geet I am sorry…walk with me na

Geet looked away

Maan: Sweeto, please… don’t be angry… you don’t look good when you are angry. (Oops, Maan realized as soon as he said those words that now she will be more angry and peeped to see her expression… yup… she was more angry now)

Geet: Yeah, why will i look nice… you must be having nice pretty girls wearing mini dresses in office… they will be nice… why me?

Maan: (held her shoulders and made her turn to face him)
Sweeto, i didn’t mean it that way… I am really sorry for being late.. Don’t be angry please.

Geet’s tummy grumbled loudly indicating her hunger. Maan realized that her real reason for anger was her hunger and he smiled softy… Pagli..

Maan:you are very hungry… that’s why so angry..

Geet made a puppy sad face and nodded..

Maan: you should have told me na… chalo we will go to a restaurant and eat something…

Geet: Nahi, mujhe chocolate sundae khana hai…

Maan: Geet, you should have proper food, you must have skipped lunch.

Geet (stomping her foot): ice cream nahi khilana toh bol dho… why are you making excuses.

Maan (he knew he can’t win it)Ok, chalo we will have ice cream..
It was a 2 minute walk so they walked till the ice cream parlor.
Geet was happily eating her ice cream like a baby, her face was full of chocolate ice cream and as usual Maan was lost in her innocence.

Geet (suddenly spoke): chi chi babaji, in logon ko sharam nahi aati… openly like this without marriage.. chi chi.

Maan followed her gaze and saw a couple getting very close to each other and kissing.. Maan shook his head at her innocence but didn’t speak…
Geet finished her sundae, and they stared walking back… Geet’s mood was much better now but she didn’t sound very happy to him… Finally they reached her apartment…
Geet (hesitated): Maan…

Maan: haan Sweeto..

Geet (blushed whenever he calls Sweeto): actually i have to go to office party tomorrow and we won’t be able to walk back together as i have to leave directly from office (she said making a baby sad face).

Maan (was sad and realized why she was not her chirpy self today): hmmm

Geet: please it is very important… can’t say no

Maan (didn’t want to break her heart): ok, don’t worry we will meet day after tomorrow..

Geet (was very happy) she gave him a peck on his cheek, blushed and ran up the stairs…

Maan was stunned by her sudden action… but he was in heaven… oh he touched his cheek softly and blushed…he walked back in a daze with his hand on his cheek LOL… Today he was over the moon…he kept smiling to himself
Next day Maan was in a very foul mood… whenever was running around in his office scared as the tiger was on loose today… No one dared to go to his office.
Here Geet was also dull the whole day and reluctantly went to the party.
At the party, Geet was sitting in one corner of the lounge with her diet pepsi and sipping getting bored. (the lounge was open to public as well so there were people other than her office friends as well) One bad guy was continuously eyeing Geet… She looked full of innocence and he had a bad plan in his mind to rob her of it…He saw Geet ordering another diet pepsi… He went to the bar and mixed something in her diet pepsi… Today i will make her wild and mine… he thought laughing in his mind…She will be my victim today…Thinking his he moved a little close to Geet..The waiter served Geet the drink…
Here Maan was losing all his patience and he was getting an urge to meet Geet…Then he called Adi.
Maan: Adi, I hear there is a party in Malhotra’s office…

Adi: Yes sir…

Maan: I needed to meet Mr Malhotra very urgently…

Adi (confused why did Maan sir want to meet Mr Malhotra so he asked questioningly): Mr Malhotra??

Maan: yeah, why you have a problem with that…

Adi: hhahahahahah

Maan glared at him

Adi: Sorrry sir… i mean no sirrr…

Maan: tell me where it is right now…

Adi: Yes sir…

Adi made a quick call

Adi: it is at the “NUTS” lounge…anything else sir?

Maan: No, you can leave now…
Maan smirked at his plan to gate crash in the party Smile… With these intensions he left for the lounge. He saw Geet sitting in a corner while the waiter was giving the diet pepsi to her.
Precap: Geet not in her senses…what will happen now…
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