Milan Part 6

Chapter 6
Maan was slightly sad that he had to bid good bye but he knows how to meet her again now Wink. He had his excuse ready…
Geet went into her apartment. She felt as if her soul had just left, but she was happy that she met him. She wasn’t sure but she liked that he actually left his car and walked her home. She blushed remembering his touch, how he had re-assured her, it felt out of this world.
Maan was over the moon that he was able to meet Geet, he had never been so happy to meet anyone. He was smiling to himself all the way back to office. On the way he stopped at a bookstore…
Back in office, he finished his work on the new project and went back home contended that he would be meeting Geet again tomorrow. He smirked at his plan of walking Geet back the next day… (MSK has a plan for everything Wink)
Both slept peacefully dreaming about each other Day Dreaming
Geet was anxious the whole day as to whether he will meet her, her heart became existed that they will met but then her brain intervened as to why would he come and she became sad again. She spent her whole day like this sometimes sad sometimes happy. Pinky saw her so confused and asked.
Pinky – What happened, you look worried since morning?

Geet (quickly formed an excuse)- Nothing yaar, thinking about new project.
Everyone was shocked to find the new calm Maan…Adi (same as the serial character) almost fell of his chair when he saw a faint smile on MSK.
At 6:50pm Maan nervously glanced of out his office to Malhotra’s office walk way. Poor guy couldn’t reach the footpath early as it was his office closing time and his employees would die of shock if they saw him standing there. Then it happened… Geet was walking out of her office. Maan’s heart missed a beat seeing her… She was looking stunning in the pink Salwar Suit… Oh how gorgeous could one look in a simple suit without makeup he thought

Maan quickly left his office with a gift-wrapped box and caught up with Geet.
Maan – Hi Geet, how are you?

Geet (missed a beat on seeing him, so he did come, she was happy but controlled her emotions) – i am good, what are you doing here?

Maan (feeling chest fallen at her question, doesn’t she feel anything for me… she didn’t want to meet me… somehow controls his feeling… then he notices the twinkle in her eyes… hmmm so she is hiding her true feeling she also wanted to meet me… he is happy now)

Geet – (tapped his shoulder as he seemed lost) – Kya hua?

Maan (back to earth) – nahi, i wanted to give this to you (and handed her the gift)

Geet (pleasantly surprised) What is in it?

Maan – Open it

Geet (quickly opened it- It was the whole Sherlock Holmes series in a nice 3 book pack (all 50+ short stories and 4 novels) She almost leaped like a small child who got her favorite toy.. but then she remembered she didn’t know him well enough to take a gift from him and her expression changed from extreme happiness to sullen baby face)

Maan (couldn’t understand the change in expression and asked) – What happened, you didn’t like it??

Geet – it is not about liking, i can’t take this from you, i hardly know you…

Maan – Please except it as my token of my thanks for bandaging my wound. (he said showing this his hand which was much better now)

Geet – Sorry, i forgot to ask how is it?

Maan – Much better all thanks to you Smile. Now accept my gift.

Geet (though is longing to take the book but still pretending) I am accepting only since you are insisting.

Maan (was like rolling his eyes)..

There was silence between them, both were standing there as to how to tell the other to walk together. Both wanted to spent time with each other but both were shy as to how the other will react LOL. Both together spoke.

Geet: I…

Maan: I..

Both stop and gesture the other to speak.. Again both speak together.

Geet: aap

Maan: tum

Geet burst out laughing and Maan was eyeing her with pleasure as if it was the world’s most beautiful sight…After some time Maan gathers all the courage..

Maan: Shall i walk you home?

Geet (blushing): Ok…

Her cheeks got the cute pick colour… Maan was almost dead.
They both were walking back while Geet kept on talking non-stop and Maan was lost in her… her eyes… her beauty… the way she talked… oh God it felt heavenly for him…Soon they reached Geet’s apartment and it was the time to say good bye. With a heavy heart both bid good bye but with the ray to hope that they will soon meet the next day…
So it became their daily routine, Maan would watch for Geet from his office and rush down to walk her home. She would talk non-stop with Maan lost in her. Later Maan would walk back alone. They both thought that it was walk in the heaven but none accepted that they were in love ROFL
A man was eyeing Geet from behind mixing something in her diet pepsi… Today i will make her wild and mine… he thought laughing in his mind…
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