Milan Part 5

Chapter 5  

Maan almost jumped with joy and literally rushed out of his office and down the stairs leaving his office employees would were packing for end of day stunned…
Maan reached the parking within a minute. Once he reached the parking he got confused as to what will he say to Geet … as in … how to approach her… Then as a man possessed he took out his car and reached where Geet was walking and slowly lowered the glass.
Maan – (Pretending to be surprised)Geet!! What a pleasant surprise! What are you doing here.
Geet (who was lost in her own thoughts got scared with the sudden noise) (it took her a minute to recognize Maan) – woh… mein… woh… (then with angry glare)aapko kya?
First time Maan was hesitant and nervous in his life…
Maan – nahi, i was going that way so thought… may be… i could give you a lift…
Mean while Geet was staring at him like he was a wolf and would eat her alive… Her face expressions changed rapidly from anger to confusion to fear to … how to get rid of this MONSTER… She looked up
Geet (Babaji, please bacha lo… kya karoon.. kaise bhaggon)…
Maan realized her hesitance and quickly added…
Maan – how about i walk you to your house?? I hope you don’t mind that, i won’t eat you alive…(he said with a smile)
Geet expressions changed to utter shock… how does he know i am going home… how did he read my thoughts… is he a GHOST… MONSTER… Babaji help and was about to run when Maan’s voice broke her thoughts.
Maan – Please don’t go run away, i will just park my car and come.
Now Geet got mortally scared as to how does he know i was going to run away and due to fear stands rooted to her place. Maan quickly parks his car back in office and almost runs so as not to lose Geet. If anyone would have seen Maan in this state would have died of shock… MSK for whom everyone would have to wait to talk  to .. have an appointment with.. was rushing behind someone…
Maan is relieved to see that Geet didn’t run away.
Maan – Let’s go..
Geet (still to recover from shock and horror)… hmmm..
Maan (tapping her shoulder slightly) kya hua?
Geet – (finally back to reality) – nothing, lets go..
They sliently start walking towards Geet’s house. Geet is maintaining as much space as the thin footpath would allow between them. Then as luck would have it, there was a tree on the footpath, as a result Maan moves closer to Geet and their hands brush against each other… their finger tips touch… With that slight touch all Geet’s fears started vanishing and she wanted to hold his hand which was touch ever so slightly. BANG !!!Suddenly there is a loud noise on the road and Geet holds his hand as she got frightened.
Maan holds her hand tightly assuring her that he is there… nothing can happen till he is there… He slowly looks into her eyes and their eyes meet… It seems as if the time has come to a stand still… they both are lost in their dream land far far away from this world… Eventually their eyelock is broken and both are back in their senses. Geet blushes and pulls her hand back feeling awkward… Maan breaks the silence.
Maan – so where are you coming from?
Geet – (who is now relaxed in his company) I was returning back from my office. Where were you coming from and where did you park your car.. Now how will you go back home…
The silent and scared Geet had transformed into her real “CHATTER BOX” form… and bombarded poor Maan with questions…
Maan –wow … Actually i was also returning from office (he lied… wow MSK actually lied), when i saw you. I parked my car back in office and will pick it up later.
Geet – So you work in the Khurana Constructions???
Maan – Yeah (for some reason Maan was not arrogant today to say I own it like normally he would…)i work there. Where go you work?
Geet – oh -i am your neighbour, i work for the Malhotra’s. My boss is cool… but i have heard that you have a MONSTER of boss – very very strict…
Maan – (shocked Shocked MONSTER) Do you know him?
Geet – No, i have heard from his poor employees about what a Dracula he is…
Maan – (Dracula… God she doesn’t even know me and what colourful names… God save me).. Actually he is not that bad also…
Geet – you must be the first one saying so…
Maan tried to change the topic… fearing what he would hear next..
Maan –So what do you like to do in you free time, Geet?
Geet – I love to read books… specially murder mysteries… I love Sherlock Holmes but would you believe when i went home this time i left it at home… How much i miss it .. (Geet said with baby sad face).
Maan wouldn’t even bear the sad expression on her lovely face…
Geet – I keep re-reading it you know, i almost know it by heart now (and she laughed)
Maan was happy again…
He didn’t even realise when her moods started becoming his feeling…
Soon they reached Geet’s apartment and Maan had to reluctantly leave.
Geet –Bye Maan… Thanks for coming.
Maan – Pleasure was all mine… Bye..
Maan was slightly sad that he had to bid good bye but he knows how to meet her again now Wink. He had his excuse ready…
Precap : Self talk of both
               What is Maan’s excuseWink
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