Milan Part 4

Chapter 4
Geet were contemplating what to do as she saw Maan staring at her and soon she was also lost in his deep intense eyes.

They were brought back to reality from their dream land when Pinky came there.

Pinky – Geet, yaar the party is over lets go back.

Geet realized that it had been 2 hours since they arrived and strange enough she didn’t get bored. Then she realized that she had been staring at a stranger for God knows how long.

Here Maan was also thinking what had he been doing staring at a girl…
Pinky spoke again this time shaking Geet, breaking her thought process.

Pinky – Geet, kya hua?

Geet – huh… nothing… Lets go home. Bye Maan.

Maan – bye.
Geet left along with Pinky. Maan was trying to figure out what had happened, then he just dismissed the whole staring episode as if nothing happened and left from there after bidding bye to Rahul.
Maan reached home and went straight to bed since it had been a long day tomorrow. As soon as he closed his eyes Geet’s smiling face came in front of him and he unknowingly started smiling (which was like his first smile in years) and feel asleep. Generally Maan would have to exhaust himself completely to be able to sleep and not be haunted from his past but today he slept such a deep, peaceful sleep after ages.
Here Geet was not able to sleep, since as soon as she closed her eyes, Maan’s angry face and his painful, anger filled eyes (when he recalled his past) came to haunt her back. It was as if she could feel his pain behind that anger and she wanted to take all his pain away. She was not understanding as to why a stranger who she had just met once and may never meet again was affecting her so much… she didn’t understand what she was feeling… After a lot of struggle she finally was able to catch some sleep.
Maan woke up the next morning and there was a smile on his face. After his workout, he got ready and came for breakfast.
He stayed alone in his house. There were a bunch of servants and one of them was old Mrs Mary who had been with him in his child hood and was always in touch with him when he went to hostel after his father’s death and came to serve him back when he bought his house.
Maan – Where is the breakfast, Mary.

Mary – Bringining chote sahib. (Mary used to always call him Chote Sahib).

Mary came out with a tray and was about to lay his breakfast when she was shocked beyond words to see a smile on Maan’s face. It was for the first time Mary had seen him smile since she was back to serve him..

Maan – What are you staring at Mary, give me breakfast else i will be late.

Mary was brought back to reality and she gave him his breakfast and left but with a tear of happiness in her eyes… She always wanted him to become the free and happy Maan how he used to be in his child hood.. Maan had his breakfast and left for office.
Geet was having a very racy morning and was in a grumpy mood since she didn’t have proper sleep. She was rushing to get ready so that she wouldn’t be late for office. Pinky knocked on her door.
Pinky – Geet come out fast… we will be late.

Geet – coming

Geet rushed out and almost collided with Pinky.
They both rushed out when Pinky noticed Geet’s foul mood.
Pinky – What happened yaar, why are you in such a foul mood today.

Geet – tu toh chup hi kar, sab teri hi gali hai.

Pinky – ab maine kya kiya (making a baby face)

Geet – because of you i couldn’t sleepy properly yesterday.
They reached office. The whole day went very busy for Geet and she forgot the meeting with Maan yesterday and her disturbed sleep.
Here Maan was having an weird day. He was finding it hard to concentrate on his work and his mind kept going back to Geet’s smiling face. He was not able to realize what was wrong with him… why was he thinking about a stranger who he may never meet, but the thought of not able to meet her made him sad and angry…

With much difficulty he went back to studying the new project’s file. Luckily for him he had back to back meeting the whole afternoon which kept him and his mind busy.
It was seven o clock time for Geet to go back home. She no longer had Pinky’s company while going back home for the last one month, when Pinky got engaged to Angad who was their colleague. So she had started walking back home alone, it was a 15 minute long walk. She got out of the office and was walking on the foot path.
Maan meetings finished at 6 and he went back to studying the new project when his mind started wandering again. He was getting very irritated with himself since he never felt so strange about a girl… though he had interacted with a bunch girls in his school and college, as well as while working but it had always been professional talk. As here he was going mad about a stranger.

Finally when he was not able to control his feelings he went to the window and started seeing outside…As luck would have it, it was 7′ o clock and Geet had just started walking …

Maan saw Geet on the foot path. He thought God i have gone mad… now i have started seeing things with open eyes… He rubbed his eyes and realized that he wasn’t hallucinating but Geet was actually there.
Maan almost jumped with joy and literally rushed out of his office and down the stairs leaving his office employees would were packing for end of day stunned…
Precap: Geets reaction on seeing Maan.Confused
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