Milan Part 3

Chapter 3

Geet was busy thinking when will she get out of this place and go back to sleep, since tomorrow was a week day and there were loads of work to finish.
Here Maan was thinking about the new project he was supposed to start the next day.
When suddenly the music changed to “Maa ka Laadla bigar gaya… ” from Dostana
The word Maa changed the whole expression on Maan’s face… He looked like anger personified and if looks could kill he probably would have murdered the whole world…

His mind went back to the memories which haunted him so much…
Maan was 15 years old. His father was a rich man. Maan used to live with his mom and dad and was very happy. He was the apple of his dad, his mom was busy in kitty parties, but still, he used to love them both a lot.

Maan’s father had invested a lot of money in stocks and one day the stock market crashed and his father suffered huge losses and he had a heart attack.
He barely survived the attack and a lot of their remaining money was spent on his treatment. Maan’s mom was always a materialistic women but since they had so much money she was happy.. but now since the money was gone… within a month she started getting very frustrated and used to take it all out on Maan by beating him and his father by screaming at him…
Then the fateful night… it was raining very heavily and there was a thundersome also,  Maan’s mom decided to leave them for a wealthier person…

Maan’s dad couldn’t bear that the woman who he loved (their’s was a love marriage) would leave him and Maan and just go away… and he had another stroke which he couldn’t survive.
Maan was left alone… he just had the house. Fortunately his father had taken children’s plan and he had enough money to sponsor his education. Also since Maan was extremely bright he earned a handsome scholarship as well… He finished his school, college and today was a very successful business man
From that day onwards he couldn’t bear the word “Maa”… and love was a thing he despised

Maan’s anger kept increasing as the memories came back to him and he kept increasing the grip on the glass that he was holding… The glass shattered to a million pieces leaving his hand bleeding profoundly, though he was oblivious to it..
Geet heard a loud noise of glass shattering which brought her out of her thoughts and she was horrified to see Maan’s hand bleeding and was terrified by the anger in his eyes.
She immediately grabbed a napkin and Maan’s hand and started wiping it. Also she asked a waiter for the first aid kit. Maan was jolted out of his past by Geet’s touch.
By this time waiter had got the first aid box. Geet dipped the cotton in Savilon and was about to clean the wound when Maan spoke.
Maan – Its ok. Just leave it.
God knows what went into Geet, she forgot that Maan was a stranger and she had just met him… She glared at him and started cleaning his wounds..

Maan under normal circumstances would have torn the person who glared at him, but some how he liked her care and concern, as if she was soothing this wounded heart instead of his hand.
Geet cleaned his wound and bandaged his hand. As Geet left Maan’s hand she started feeling very confused about how she behaved… with a stranger.

On the other hand Maan also felt confused… he thought he should atleast say thanks..
Maan – Thanks.

Geet – Welcome with a smile..
Maan was lost in the smile…
Precap – Will they meet again ??
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