Milan Part 2

Chapter 2

Maan reached the HELL disco and greeted Rahul. Rahul was already partying hard and had a bunch of friends over. Since Maan didn’t like disco’s he went and sat in a nice corner with a drink. He never enjoyed parties but had no option today to escape, so he mentally prepared himself for a dull and boring time, longing to be back to his work.
Here Geet also arrived at the disco along with Pinky. Geet was wearing a white Tweety top and blue denin jeans. Pinky immediately joined the office gang, leaving Geet alone. Geet took a diet pepsi and was searching for a quite place to settle down, when she noticed Rahul. Rahul and Geet had studied together in computer course after college. Rahul greeted Geet and they started talking about old times.
Rahul – Geet so what are you doing these days.

Geet – I am working now.
Since the music was loud they were having trouble in conversing. So they went to a quite corner (Yes,, the same where Maan was seated Wink).
Rahul – Maan what are you doing here sitting alone. Oh… meet my friend Geet. Geet, this is my best buddy Maan…
Maan and Geet look at each other and some feeling unknown to them triggers. Both not sure why did it feel like they know each other since ages when they shake hands. They are brought out of their thoughts by Rahul…

The music had just changed… It was Rahul’s favorite song

Rahul – Wow!! my favorite… i am out of here

and he runs to the dance floor leaving Maan and Geet.
There is silence between them and both get lost in their thoughts…
Precap : Maan’s past

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