Milan Part 10

Chapter 10

Maan: Don’t be sorry Geet, yeh tumhara Haq hai, sirf tumhara. You can do whatever you want with me. My mind, body and soul are all yours… only yours.

Geet was lost in the depth of his words, she couldn’t believe love could be so pure, so selfless, so forgiving and she thanked God for giving her Maan and hugged him again.

Both felt peace in each other’s arms. Maan was softly caressing her back to comfort her and she was just pleased to have him in her life. After some time Maan reluctantly broke the hug, he knew she had not eating anything since yesterday. He moved back from the hug a little, his hands were still on her waist while hers rested on his neck.

Maan: Geet, let me get something to eat, you must be hungry.

Geet (making a baby face): But there is nothing in the house, we will need to cook some.

Maan (smiling his loop sided smile): My princess, please give me the honor to feed you the soup and pasta I cooked.

Geet (was surprised): You cooked?

Maan (still smiling): Yup!! I knew my princess would be hungry…

Saying this Maan left for the kitchen to get the food leaving an amused Geet behind. Geet didn’t know how to thank God for giving her so much happiness… so much love… Maan loved and cared for her beyond the world… She was feeling so guilty for having blamed him for taking advantage of her, while she had provoked him like anything and he still maintained his control for her respect and dignity. Not only that he even cooked for her… She felt so small… How selfless his love was and how she accused him in return. Thinking all this fresh tears started flowing from her eyes.

Maan was heating the food while his thoughts were all on Geet, he knew she would be feeling guilty and he was thinking of ways to get his bubbly guilt-free Geet back. Maan returned with a tray containing pasta and soup and saw Geet crying… He couldn’t see tears in the eyes of his princess, no matter what. He slowly kept the tray down, sat next to her and kissed away Geet’s tears.

Maan: Princess, please don’t cry… you know how I hate your tears

Geet just hugged him tightly as if someone would steal him away from her.

Maan (slowly caressing her back): Geet, please don’t be upset. You are my princess…

Geet: Maan, I don’t deserve this. I am so mean and …

Maan interrupted her by putting his finger on her lips. A shiver went down her spine by the sudden touch of his fingers. He looked at her with such love and care that she was lost in those beautiful eyes…

Maan: Chup, Bilkul Chup. How can you call my princess mean… She is the one who showered me with happiness. It is because of her that I learnt how to smile again… My heart and soul belongs to you Geet… I am yours, only yours… you didn’t do anything wrong… You have every right on me, you can do whatever you want… whatever. But please don’t cry… I can’t see tears in your eyes, it feels like my heart is being ripped whenever i see you cry…

Geet’s eyes were filled with emotions hearing his heart out, but she controlled her tears. She thought she can do at least this much for him.

Seeing that Geet had calmed down, he picked her up in his arms and made her sit in his lap. Geet was surprised when he suddenly picked her up. She blushed when he made her sit on his lap and buried her head in his chest out of shyness (this was the first time they were this close). He chuckled at her reaction.

Maan: Sweeto, chalo let me feed you.

Saying so he made her eat some pasta. Geet also fed him pasta. Then Maan took some soup and made her drink some. She repeated the same. Slowly they both finished the pasta. They both were sharing an eyelock (Maaahhhiii)… and Maan spilled some soup on Geet. She playfully hit his chest, but felt something wet. She immediately looked at her hand and saw some blood (Geet had accidentally hit one of the bite marks and it started bleeding again). As her expression changed from happiness to worry, Maan looked at what was bothering her.

Maan: (Oh no, itne mushkil se she had stopped crying now she is again sad, what do I do now…): It’s nothing Geet.

Geet: Nothing, what nothing… look what I did to you…

She Jumped from his lap and frantically started searching for first aid. Maan had realized that his touch had the soothing effect on her. So he went behind her and held her waist from behind keeping his neck on his shoulder.

Geet: Aap kya kar rahe ho, let me find the cotton.

Maan turned her around from her shoulders. Maan had a naughty spark in his eyes and Geet wondered what he was upto.

Maan: What is the need of the antiseptic, just kiss them away. (he winked Wink)

Geet blushed to a dark shade of pink hearing this. He moved back along with her till he was seated on the bed with his legs stretched in front… Geet sat beside him. She put the antiseptic, blew the wound gently and looked at him to see if it hurt. Maan felt shiver run down him feeling her breath so close to him… But he made a baby face urging her to kiss it… She softly touched her lips to his chest and kissed him… Her lips were so soft that he felt like a rose petal just touched his soul… He closed his eyes to cherish the feeling and engrave it in his heart. A smile caressed his lips. He looked so peaceful and heavenly that Geet softly kissed all the bite marks… She just wanted to shower all the love she had got from him on him. She then kissed his heart deeply as if to thank him for everything and Maan hugged her like that embracing her, as if hiding her in his chest and they both were lost in their own world, far far away from reality, just feeling each other and cherishing this moment, not wanting it to end.

Precap: Geet meets MSK… oops

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