Milan Part 1

Chapter 1

Maan was working in his office, late as usual when his cell phone rang. It was his best friend Rahul.

Rahul – Hi Maan. I am very annoyed with youAngry

Maan – Hi Rahul. What did i do buddy…?

Rahul – You forgot your best friend birthday and now are asking …

Maan – (hits his head and thinks God i again forgot his birthday, don’t know now what he will make me do) (Rahul was the only one who could force Maan for something) – Happy Birthday Buddy…

Rahul – I am not going to spare you so soon… Meet me now in the HELL disco…

Maan – Yaar u know how i hate discos…

Rahul – His is your punishment for forgetting my Birthday… now come

and he cut the call

Maan knew he had no option but to oblige… so he went to the HELL disco..

Geet’s apartment. she stays in alone in an apartment given by company. Pinky her best friend lives next door and works along with Geet.

Pinky rushes to Geet’s apartment.

Pinky – Geet yaar save me… please.

Geet – yaar kya hua, aaj we are anyways late from office, let me goto sleep.

Pinky – Yaar, i forgot to tell you there is our office party today and we must go.. you know otherwise we will be teased for being out of odd tomorrow.

Geet- I don’t care yaar, i am always like that since i where traditional dress..

Pinky – yaar, please come with me for company since Neha is not coming and i can’t go alone… Please… Pretty Please…

Geet – Ok. i will come.

So here Geet and Pinky set out for HELL disco…

Precap – Will they meet

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