Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Prologue

It is a different story on our Maaneet. Hope you guys like it.
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Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times

Character Sketch and Concept


Maan’s Parents

Mr. Khurana: A cool dad who totally adores his child Maan but loves Geet even more who is his best friend Mr. Handa’s only daughter. Mr. Khurana is a very successful business man owning KC.


Mrs. Khurana: Loves both Maan and Geet and wants Geet to be her bahu.


Geet’s Parents

Mr. Handa: A very strict person, fully orthodox. He loves his daughter but values his tradition even more. Does not approve of Geet’s friendship with boys except Maan as he is his best friend’s son and he fully trusts him.


Mrs. Handa: Loves both Maan and Geet equally or maybe Maan more. Her secret desire is to marry both of them.


Maan and Geet, are of same age 18 years, are childhood friends and even neighbors. The Handas ad Khuranas even go for vacations together which made Maan and Geet the best of friends but Maan secretly loves Geet though she is completely unaware of this fact. He wishes to propose her but when she also starts reciprocating his feelings but destiny had some other cruel and nasty plans of its own. Will his love be able to survive the turbulent times, will he be able to save her soul or will they lose their all.


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3 thoughts on “Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Prologue

  1. Princessnikita says:

    Awesum arpi mujhe tho prologue read kr k hi maan se pyaar ho gaya….arpi tumne na mujhe apni story k maan k liye mujhe pagal bna diya h

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