Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 8

Part 8

Rano Maa hugged Geet also, rubbing her back trying to absorb the pain, the humiliation and trauma she must have undergone at the hands of that monster. Her heart went out for her children who had suffered so much all alone without any support from them. She was really grateful for Maan to have saved Geet and helped her overcome her ordeal. She could never thank him enough for how he supported her and was always there for her irrespective of the circumstances. She felt so guilty for having misunderstood his sacrifice and made up her mind to not let him suffer any more for his truly unconditional love and care for his Gudiya.


Rano decided to tell Mr. and Mrs. Khurana the truth as she couldn’t even bear to think what his parents must be undergoing. They deserved to not only know how innocent and pure their child was but also his greatness, his truly divine love. He was their pride, their ‘Maan’ and he could never let them down.


Rano: I will just be back, you two take care of yourselves.


Maan nodded assuring her that he would never ever let any harm touch his Gudiya and Rano Maa was overwhelmed at his love. She kissed him on his forehead determined to make it up to him, she pledged to give him back his self-esteem at any cost.


She left for the Khurana mansion where his parents were stunned to not find him in the store room.


Rano: Maan is at our place.


They were shocked and immediately wanted to apologize for Maan’s behavior, already he had ruined their family and now he again went there but Rano stopped them, she didn’t have the heart to see him insulted any further and she knew how much Raj and Simran would hate and curse themselves after knowing the reality.


Rano (tears flowing at what all their ideal kid had gone through): He is pure and innocent, he didn’t do anything.


Raj and Simran were aghast, they died a zillion deaths, their child was innocent and they leashed him out and destroyed his soul.


Rano narrated the whole ordeal to them and the ground collapsed under their feet, they felt so so guilty and ashamed for what they had done, it felt as if they ripped his soul out and burned it in hell. They abused him, tortured him, called him a curse when in reality they weren’t even worthy to have a child like him, they were the curse on him and had ruined his very existence. They completely broke not even able to fathom what all their divine kid that to undergo at their own hands.


Simran (weeping profusely): What have we done, we doubted him, destroyed him and ruined his life by blaming and cursing him for something so atrocious, so gruesome, so cruel which our hearts knew he couldn’t even dream of. Oh Lord… I couldn’t even recognize his sacrifice… I am just not worthy of being his mother. Please punish me for what all inhumane things I said to him… please God.


Raj (falling on his knees): Oh God… I wish I had died before I raised my hand on him. (tears falling endlessly) I whipped the life out of him, how could I be so cruel, so ruthless, so heartless, he was my pride, my ‘Maan’ and I even failed to realize his greatness. Oh Lord… I have fallen in my own eyes today, what have I done. (he banged his hands again and again till they started bleeding trying to punish them for their sins) Mera Bacha, how could I raise my hand on him… how could I (he wept uncontrollably not able to bear what he did to his precious child)


Rano: Sambaliye apne aap ko Bhai Sahib aur Bhabhi. Maan needs you, if you both break down like this who will ease his pain, who will heal his bleeding heart.

(Please control yourselves Bhai Sahib and Bhabhi. Maan needs you, if you both break down like this who will ease his pain, who will heal his bleeding heart.)


Raj and Simram were not able to bear his pain and suffering anymore and rushed along with Rano to the Handa Haveli. Maan and Geet were surprised to see Raj and Simran there but one look at them and they realized that Rano Maa had told them everything.


Maan died seeing his father’s bleeding hands, bowed head and his eyes stuck to ground and he rushed towards him


Maan (holding his bleeding hands, tears flowing endlessly from his eyes seeing his father’s condition): Papa, yeh aap ne kya kiya. (Papa, what have you done?)


Raj (not even able to meet his eyes): Maine jo zadhatiya tere saath ki hai uske liye toh mujhe tarpa tarpa kar marna chahiye (Maan shook his head not able to bear his father’s guilt)

(I should be cruelly and mercilessly beaten for what all atrocities I have done with you)


Maan: Nahi Papa, it is not your fault. I know my words broke your heart and your principals could never forgive me for what I said I did with Gudiya, I know it was your love for me that completely destroyed you, please don’t feel guilty Papa, you can never be wrong.


Maan hugged his father who wept profusely hugging his dear child.


Raj : I am so so sorry, mere bache, how could I raise my hand on you, I wish I had died before that. (Raj had never even let a scratch come on his precious child, his Maan and today he had ripped apart his skin making him bleed so badly, for absolutely no fault of his. He was dying by the second and Maan understood his father’s ordeal)


Maan (aghast at what he said): Nahi Papa, aap aise toot jayenge toh humara kya hoga, please papa it was never your fault.

(No Papa, if you break like this then what will happen to us, please papa it was never your fault)


Maan almost crushed him in the hug wanting to end his father’s misery and guilt. Both were trying to soothe each other in the hug wanting to absorb all the pain and suffering they had undergone.


Simran didn’t even have the heart to face Maan and she stood facing her back to him weeping endlessly. Her conscious taunted her for how she had abused and cursed her heart, her son. Maan looked at his Maa suffering silently and his heart went out for her. He broke the hug after he felt his father relax a bit and went towards his mother.


Maan: Maa aap apne Laadu ko dekhoge bhi nahi. (Mother, won’t you even see your Laadu) (Simran used to very lovingly call him Laadu)


She broke down completely hearing him and turned around hugging her child dearly tears rolling endlessly from her eyes. Maan also wept in his mother’s loving embrace. Her warmth was what he had missed the most.


Simran: Mera bacha, ho sake toh apni is abagi Maa ko maaf kar dena, mere Laadu. Mein teri Maa kahalane ke layak hi nahi hoon, how could I be so cruel on you, how could I doubt my heart, my child. How could I be so mean, so gruesome. How could I … (and she broke down more in the hug)

(My child, if possible please forgive your unfortunate mother, mere Laadu. I am not even worthy of being called your mother, how could I be so cruel on you, how could I doubt my heart, my child. How could I be so mean, so gruesome. How could I …)


Maan (breaking the hug and wiping her tears): Maa, please aisa math bolo, mein janta hoon aap mujse kitna jyada pyar karte ho, isiliye aap se woh sab bardash nahi hua.

(Mother, please don’t say like this, I know how much you love me, that is why you couldn’t bear all that)


Simran hugged him again not able to bear the guilt of how she had despised him and jerked him away. Her heart and soul bleed at how brutally she had treated her dear child. She howled uncontrollably in the hug just not able to bear the pain and humiliation her kid had undergone at her own hands.


Maan (trying desperately to calm down his mother): Please don’t cry Maa. I can’t see tears in your eyes Maa, it kills me inside. (But how could she not wail, her heart bleed at the agony she had caused him and she was dying each second under the burden of her guilt) Maa aap mujhe apne haatho se paneer ka parantha nahi kilaogi. (he deliberately said that to end her misery, so that she would be able to overcome her grief. He knew she could never see her darling child hungry and this would awaken motherly love and care in her ending her anguish.)

(Mother, won’t you feed me Paneer Parantha from your hands)


Simran (as expected she controlled her emotions and broke the hug): Abhi liye mere bache (I will just get it, my child)


Saying so she rushed to the kitchen to make his favorite paneer paranthas. Rano also went to help her, feeling light that at last Maan was finally reunited with his beloved parents.


Raj went to Geet and she hugged him. Maan also came and sat near them.


Raj: Kyun meri bachi, tujhe apne bare papa par bharosa nahi tha? Why didn’t you come straight to me, why did you both suffer silently?

(Why my child, didn’t you trust your Bare Papa? Why didn’t you come straight to me, why did you both suffer silently?)


He hugged Maan too and all three wept engulfing each other trying to let go of all the trauma and nightmare that had hit their family and destroyed their happiness. After ages they broke the hug calming down a bit.


Geet: Bare Papa I trusted you but Papa… (tears fell from her eyes knowing her father would never except her)


Maan: He doesn’t need to know it, please Gudiya promise me you won’t tell anything to him.


Geet: But he will always misunderstand you…


Maan (interrupted her): Let him


Raj (placing his hand on her forehead): Maan is right meri bachi, your father should never come to know about anything, let it be the way it is.


Before Geet could say anymore Rano and Simran entered with paneer and aaloo paranthas for their loving children. Simran very lovingly fed Maan who was so pleased to have his beloved mother back. He also made a bite and fed his mom and dad fondly. Sirman next fed aaloo parantha affectionately to Geet, her heart went out for all the atrocities her dear daughter had to undergo at the hands of that monster and she very tenderly caressed her face. Geet also made a bite and fed them. Rano Maa too very adoringly fed her beloved children their favorite paranthas. As they all fed each other they had tears in their eyes thankful to God to have re-united them after the tsunami which had threatened to destroy their very existence.


Maan’s eyes were drooping and Simran very lovingly placed his head on her lap. He hugged his mother so relieved and ecstatic to be cocooned so affectionately in her embrace and she caressed his hair rocking him to a peaceful and sound sleep after ages. Simran next placed Geet’s head also on her lap, stroking her hair tenderly wanting to absorb all the trauma both her darling kids had under gone over the past weeks. Soon Geet also fell asleep under her caring touch.


All had tears in their eyes as to how much their beloved children had suffered and they wished they could reverse the time wheel and free them of their pain and anguish.


To Be Continued…

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  1. Princessnikita says:

    Awesum n emotional update dear…..rano ma ne maan k parents ko b truth bta diya.,…they feel guilty 4 what they did with maan……

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