Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 5

Please tell me if you were able to visual the scene and feel the emotions because this part was very emotional for me to write. Long comments please guys
Part 5

Maan (tears pouring from his eyes): Uncle Geet is not at fault. (He closed his eyes to gain strength for what he was about to say further) It was I who forced myself on her in a drunken state and compelled her do it. (he died a million deaths saying so, but maybe this was the only way to save his Gudiya and he would readily give up his everything mind, body and soul even his self-respect for her)

Maan’s words shocked them, it felt as if the ground collapsed from beneath their feet. They both trusted Maan a lot, he was the ideal child anyone could ever dream of and he… he…. Mr. Khurana just couldn’t believe his ears… he couldn’t digest that his Maan … his son… his blood… his pride… could fall so low and he slapped Maan so hard that all his fingers got imprinted on his cheek and Maan’s lips cut bleeding. He held Maan’s collar and literally dragged him out.


Mr. Khurana: I will give you to the police, you Bas****.


Mr. Handa (interrupted): Nahi, isse humari izzat aur bhi miti mein mil jayegi. Ghar ki baat ghar mein hi rahi toh behatar hoga (he always wanted Maan and Geet to get married so he thought that he would just marry them off and all would be well). Hum aage chal kar inki shaadi karwa denge waise bhi hum sab yehi toh chahate teh na.

(No, this will ruin our reputation further. It is better that this conversation remains in the house only (he always wanted Maan and Geet to get married so he thought that he would just marry them off and all would be well). We can marry them off in some time anyways that is what we all wanted, right)


But Mr. Khurana was really furious on Maan he just wouldn’t let him go so easily but he thought of taking action later as right now Geet’s health was of higher priority.


Mr. Khurana dragged Maan to the car while Mr. Handa carried Geet and they left for Handa’s haveli. Mr. Handa decided to call the same doctor over as she already knew the situation.


Doctor: I had already told them that stress is not good for her especially after the gruesome and brutal intercourse they had (looking at Maan) But I must say that you have really taken good care of her. I didn’t expect it from you after how you abused her. (she paused before continuing) As you guys don’t want to admit her I will send over an all day nurse for her and she will give her medicines and glucose via drip. If Geet doesn’t gain consciousness in 24 hours then it could get serious.


Mr. Khurana just lost his mind hearing how brutally Maan had tortured her and as soon as the doctor left


Mr.Khurana (roared): Ramu, haveli se mera hunter lana. No one dare to come in between Maan and me today, that’s my order.

(Ramu, bring my hunter from the mansion. No one dare to come in between Maan and me today, that’s my order.)


Saying so he dragged Maan to the hall and literally threw him on the pillar. Maan’s head banged with full force on the stone and it started bleeding. Mr. Khurana then cracked the whip loudly and whipped it across Maan’s back. The skin peeled along and it started bleeding but Maan didn’t even as much as flinch, yes this was his punishment for not being able to protect his Gudiya.


The whip leashed again ripping out another portion of his back but he just stood there silently with his head bowed. As he wiped Maan more, tears flowed from Mr. Khurana’s eyes to see his son’s skin peel off and blood flow from his child’s body but he just couldn’t forgive him for what he had done to Geet. Yes, he deserved this punishment or maybe worse, thinking so he somehow kept a stone on his heart, made himself strong and he kept whipping Maan again and again, again and again.


The whip cracked on the part of Maan’s back where the skin had already been ripped apart, it struck the red flesh beneath and even Maan flinched in pain but he just stood there with his head bowed. The skin of his back had been completely peeled off due to the constant leashing but he silently bore it all for his Gudiya.


The pain was so much that a mere mortal would have collapsed by now but he quietly kept bearing it all, this was the only way to save his Gudiya, his doll, his Jaan. He just couldn’t bear to see any one point a finger at her or let any harm even touch her now. He was her shield and he would prefer to die than let her suffer more.


Looking at Maan’s condition, his back completely ripped and blood flowing continuously Mr. Handa held the whip and stopped Mr. Khurana.


Mr. Handa: He will die.


Mr. Khurana (falling on his knees crying for what his blood did to his daughter Geet, yes he always considered Geet his daughter… it pained so much to even think that his son could be so cruel): I wish he was never born. Pata nahi humari parvarish mein kaun si kami rah gayi thi. (I don’t know what mistake we made while raising him up)


Tears flowed from Maan’s eyes seeing so much hatred and shame in his beloved father’s eyes. He died a million deaths seeing him in so much pain, he knew his words were killing his father. Par apni Gudiya ke liye usne khoon ke aasu bhi pi liye (But for the sake of his doll he even drank his blood tears).


Mr. Khurana (somehow collected himself as the anger increased for his deeds and holding Maan’s collar he dragged him and was about to throw him out): Dor ho ja humari nazaroon se (Get lost from my sight)


Mr. Handa (interrupted): Nahi, if you throw him out there will be talks all around the town.


Mr. Khurana: I don’t care, there is nothing left after his shameless and gruesome act.


Mr. Handa: No, we can still correct everything if we marry them off.


Mr. Khurana (disgusted with his thinking, he was furious on Geet for just getting carried away when they weren’t even sure and here Maan forced and abused her and he was willing to marry her with him): Have you gone made, you will marry her to a rapist.

Maan felt as if someone just ripped his heart out and crushed it. He died a million deaths hearing those humiliating and shameful words from his father’s mouth but he silently bore and swallowed all the disgrace for her sake


Mr. Handa: It is Maan whom we are talking about. He made a mistake in a drunken state and even the doctor said that he took really good care of Geet and look he is truly repenting his shameful act. (seeing no change in Mr. Khurana he continued) I always wanted them to get married, so did you. Rather that is what we all desired, then what is the problem. (he paused) Had Geet got friendly with any other boy or had gotten close to anyone else I would have killed them both but this is different. (When Mr. Khurana still didn’t soften, he folded his hands in front of him): Dost, yeh mere khandan ki izzat ka sawal hai, please don’t throw him out.

(Friend, it is the matter of my family’s pride and reputation, please don’t throw him out).


Mr. Khurana held his hands and reluctantly agreed not wanting to give their family any more pain after what Maan had done.


As Mr. Khurana dragged Maan out of the Handa haveli towards their house, they met Mrs Handa who was just returning home. Mr. Khurana neither had the guts, not the heart to even face her and quietly left from there dragging Maan. Mrs. Handa was shocked to see him dragging a badly bleeding Maan and she rushed in her house to see what happened.


Mrs. Handa: Mohinder, kya hua? Why was Bhai sahib dragging a profusely bleeding Maan so ruthlessly?

(Mohinder, what happened? Why was Bhai sahib dragging a profusely bleeding Maan so ruthlessly?)


Mr. Handa (told her that): Maan had got carried away in a drunken state and had forced himself on Geet. (Mrs. Handa was shocked she couldn’t believe her ears that Maan could fall so low and abuse her daughter.) But it was all under control as he had taken good care of her. But she collapsed today morning due to stress as we had barged in and scolded her without knowing the truth. The doctor had already started the medication and if all goes well she would be fine soon. Raj whipped Maan up and hence he was bleeding.


Mrs. Handa rushed to Geet’s room and he followed her.


Mr. Handa (continued): But you don’t worry everything will be fine I will get them both married.


Mrs. Handa died seeing Geet’s condition, she looked so pale, so lifeless, so fragile and tortured.


Mrs. Handa (self thought): I will never ever forgive Maan for his gruesome act. Geet trusted him, we all trusted him and he raped her… how could he. Marriage… I wouldn’t even let that animal come near my daughter. Till I am alive he won’t be able to even touch her.


But she preferred to keep quiet at that time as Geet’s health was of higher priority as of now.


Here Mr. Khurana dragged Maan to their house and threw him inside, he fell on his knees. Mrs. Khurana who was standing there was shocked to see so much anger in Mr. Khurana’s eyes. He had never ever been angry on Maan and raising his hand on his son, his pride, his Maan, was totally out of question and here he threw his bleeding son in so much disgust.


Mrs. Khurana: What are you doing, Raj? What has he done?


Mr. Khurana: If you come to know what he did, you will despise him even more (she was shell shocked) This Bas**** raped Geet.


She felt the world spinning around her and was about to collapse when both Maan and Mr. Khurana rushed to her.


Maan (trying to hold her): Ma…


Mrs. Khurana (Mr. Khurana had held her and prevented her from falling, she held her hand out stopping Maan from touching her): Dor rah mujse, apne in gande haatho se choona bhi mat mujhe. (tears flowed from his eyes and he whispered “Ma…“) Tu mujhe Ma bulane ka haq kho chukka hai, aaj se mar gayi teri Ma. Kash mene paida hote hi iska gala ghot diya hota kam se kam humhe aaj yeh din toh nahi dekhana parta.

(Stay away, don’t even touch me with your dirty hands. (tears flowed from his eyes and he whispered “Ma…”) You have lost the right to call me Ma, your mother has died from today. I wish I had strangled you when you were born at least we won’t have had to see this day.)


Maan (broke down completely, he couldn’t bear his mother’s hatred. He fell on his knees shaking his head, tears flowing continuously from his eyes. He touched her feet but she jerked him away): Nahi, please Ma mujhe koi bhi saza de do par yeh nahi, mujhe apne charano mein jagah de do, nahi toh mein jeete ji mar jaunga, please Ma I beg of you.

(Nahi, please Ma give me any punishment but not this, please give me a place near your feet, otherwise I will be like dead in spite of being alive, please Ma I beg of you.)


Mr. and Mrs. Khurana wept holding each other just not able to believe that their blood could be so horrible, that their pride, their ‘Maan’ would humiliate them like this.


Maan truly wished he had died before he gave so much pain to his parents but what could he do his Gudiya’s life was at risk. Maybe even God can’t judge his ultimate sacrifise of not only his body, mind and soul but even his self-respect. What could be worse that falling in the eyes of his beloved parent, tormenting, disgracing and humiliating them for absolutely no fault of his.


Later Mr. Khurana threw Maan in the store room and locked the door.


Mr. Khurana (warning everyone): Yadi kisi ne darwaza khola ya is bazjat ko khana ya pani diya toh mujse bura koi nahi hoga samje (he said especially warning Ramu Kaka who was the oldest servant and had raised both Maan and Geet as his own children)

(If anyone opens the door or gives food or water to his horrible, shameless creature then nothing would be worse than me)


Maan fell on the ground and he just lay there curling up side-ways hugging his legs close to his chest weeping continuously. Yes when he had lied he knew he would have to face humiliation from all but however strong he had made himself, the disgrace he saw in his parents eyes broke him. He hadn’t even imagined it would be so tortuous and traumatic for them as well as for him. How much more could he let his self-esteem fall after all he was just an 18 year old kid who really and truly loved his Gudiya unconditionally.

To Be Continued…
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3 thoughts on “Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 5

  1. Princessnikita says:


    rula diya arpi tune….sb mere maan se nafrat kr rh h……kitna maara maan ko uske dad ne…..aur store room me band b kr diya

    • 😥 😦 solly dear but it was really very difficult and emotional to write as wel….

      Yeah all hate and despise him 😦 and he is bearing it all for his Gudiya…. his parents simply can’t fathom that he cud be a monster 😦

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