Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 3

Part 3
Maan (giving her the packet): Geet chalo change karlo, let’s go to the doctor. (he felt her flinch in shame not having the guts to face the world anymore) Don’t worry Gudiya, I am there with you. (she relaxed, he was with her).

Maan carried her to the bathroom and waited outside as she changed. He then carried her to the bike and took her to the hospital. He carried her inside the hospital and all were staring at them. Geet hid herself in his chest not able to meet people’s piercing and questioning eyes, she felt as if all were accusing her. He simply carried her inside the doctor’s cabin not giving a damn to this world.


Doctor: What is the problem with her?


Geet couldn’t even look up ashamed of how to tell that because of her stupidity she had lost all.


Maan (gathered the courage somehow but he could never ever let anyone point even a finger at his Gudiya especially now that Dev had been punished so he did the unthinkable): We had sex (Geet was stunned at what he said) I think I was very brutal, could you please check (She just looked at him, how could he take the blame of something so horrible which he couldn’t even dream off, just to save her image, to save her from shame, humiliation and embarrassment, how could his love be so selfless that he could lose his all just for her sake, she tried to speak but he gestured her to keep quiet)


Doctor: What is your relationship with her??


Maan (after a pause and looking into Geet’s panicky eyes, as if assuring her that he is there, that there is absolutely no need to worry about anything): I am her fianc. (Geet had tears in her eyes hearing him, how much she wished she could turn the clock around and hoped she had listened to him)


Doctor examined Geet and she was furious to say the least. After the check up as they seated she just blasted Maan.


Doctor (extremely angry): What kind of an animal are you to abuse her body like that. (Maan’s heart cried, his doll had to bear so much and he wasn’t even there to protect her. Geet tried to speak but Maan shook his head silencing her) You call this sex, this is torture, it is called sexual abuse what you did with her delicate body. Do you have any shame, you horrible creature. How could you be so gruesome (Maan wished he had died rather than live to see this day when he couldn’t even protect his Jaan)


Geet (spoke amidst tears not able to take his insult while Maan squeezed her hand calming her and urging her to not say anything irrational): Doctor, please tell me the medication.


Doctor (was shocked how could she still want to be with such a man but what could she do and shrugged her shoulder): Ok, here I will prescribe the medicines and pain killers to give you relief and stop the bleeding. Put this ointment in your private parts to control the pain and heal the wounds. For the other bite marks around your body use this other ointment (she said pointing to the prescription medicines. Maan flinched in pain tears pouring from his eyes hearing the torture his delicate doll had to undergo at the hands of that Bas****. He still wished that he could have torn him apart with his bare hands)


Maan carried her out of the cabin leaving behind a confused doctor, he looked such a caring person then how could he be so cruel.


He purchased all the medicines and carried her back home. He made her have her medicines and gave her the ointments to apply while he waited outside the washroom. It was then that he noticed the strained bed sheets and tears poured out of his eyes feeling her pain. He quickly changed all the sheets and picked up his clothes (which she had worn) which were all strained and put away in the washing machine not wanting to embarrass and humiliate his doll further.


As he carried her back to the bed he died seeing the distant expression in her eyes and her shivering self as if she was reliving the torture.


He cuddled her up as he placed her on the bed gently rubbing her back trying to soothe her. He let her wet his shirt maybe these tears were the only way her pain, her trauma could flow out coupled with his love and care. Finally he felt her relax under his soothing touch and she drifted into a peaceful sleep after having spent a week in hell. But how was the night mare to leave her so easily and suddenly after about an hour she jolted screaming “Please mujhe chor do…” “Someone help me please” before she started howling and sobbing uncontrollably in her sleep as if she was experiencing the whole ordeal again. Maan shook her trying to wake her up from the night mare.


Maan (shaking her vigorously): Open your eyes, Gudiya. It is me Maan, you are safe, no one can harm you till I am there. Doll, Please wake up it is a dream, please… (tears rolled down his eyes feeling her tremble in fear and pain)


She finally blinked her eyes after a lot of effort from Maan. She tried to recognize her surrounding and when she saw him, she just hugged him hard weeping profusely.

Maan rubbed her back gently understanding what she was going though and let her cry out her suffering. She relaxed after some time under his loving care.


Maan (thinking maybe some fresh air would do her some good and help her in forgetting the trauma): Geet let’s go to the terrace (they had a terrace garden and he knew how much Geet loved nature – flowers, birds who were just as innocent as she was)


Geet wasn’t sure but he just blinked assuring her that all would be well as he was there with her and she nodded slightly. He carried her to the terrace and made her sit comfortably on the bench there. Geet felt a bit light breathing the fresh, unpolluted air trying to let go of the suffocation which she felt for the whole week.


Suddenly a squirrel came out and went close to Geet cutely shaking her head slightly to the left then to the right. She looked so adorable that a faint smile crept on Geet’s face. Maan finally sighed in relief as hope re-kindled in his heart that he would be able to bring his Gudiya back from the dungeons of darkness.


He plucked a rose from the garden removing the thorns when one of them pricked him but he still went ahead and threw away all the thorns before giving it to his Gudiya who smiled at him for the first time after that traumatic incident (Symbolizing that he would remove all the thorns in his doll’s path even if it meant that he had to walk over them while carrying her in his arms). He was ready to sacrifice his soul for her one laugh.


There stayed there till dusk and Geet relaxed a little, he then carried her back and made her comfortable on the bed. He cooked her favorite chole and naan and very lovingly fed her. He wanted to shower so much love on her that it would absorb and take away all her pain and bring back his bubbly Gudiya.


After she had her medicines he sat on the bed taking the support of the bed rest and gently placed her head on his lap. He softly massaged her head and scalp trying to soothe her pain, wanting to end her suffering. She tightly hugged him around his waist afraid that someone would snatch him away from her, she felt protected in his embrace and being close to him was her only solace now. He patted her softly as if assuring her that he was there and would never ever leave her side and she slowly drifted into deep sleep.


Maan called up their homes and lied to them that they had some project work remaining and hence he and Geet needed to go out of town for a couple of weeks. Mr. Handa agreed since Maan was there with her and Maan easily convinced the rest. The doctor had said that Geet would be much better in a couple of weeks ad so he thought that once she recovered at least physically he would take her back home and slowly help heal her emotional and physiological wounds as well.


He had decided to hide the truth from all as Mr. Handa was very aggressive and strict when it came to family values and traditions and he wouldn’t even think twice before killing Geet. Also since Dev was already dead they could anyways not avenge her trauma further  (though Maan was happy that Dev had paid the price for his sins and had a very brutal, gruesome and deadly end but still Maan wanted him to suffer more, he wanted to torture and punish that Bas**** with his bare hands) so why let anyone know that she made a mistake, yeah she should have been more careful and on her guard and not fallen into that rascal’s trap but alas she was way too nave, innocent and lost in blind love to think rationally. But he would never let anyone, not even her family point a finger at her so he decided to never tell anything to anyone.


But destiny had some altogether different plans for them, life was not meant to be at all rosy and it was to be seen if his love was truly unconditional and selfless, would his love survive the turbulent times ahead and to what extend he would be able to shield and protect his doll and at what cost.



Mr. Handa (Taking the pistol out of his drawer): If it is true then I won’t leave her.


To Be Continued…
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3 thoughts on “Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 3

  1. Princessnikita says:

    Awesum update arpi love d way maan taking care of her……maan ne doc se b jhoot bol diya…..kitna pyaar krta h maan geet se….precap ne mujge dara diya

    • Thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear 🙂 🙂

      yeah he really truly luvs her from the bottom of his heart 🙂

      Precap… yeah it is dangerous…

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