Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 2

Part 2

He barged in almost all the rooms but still no clue when he heard faint sobs coming from the far corner behind the wooden door. He rushed there kicking the door wide open. What he saw next just burned him alive, it felt as if someone had just ripped his heart out and torn it to thousand bits. His doll was sitting in the farthest, darkest corner hugging her knees close to her chest trying to cover her modesty, sobbing continuously with her clothes torn and scattered all around the room. There was blood on the ground, she had been bleeding owing to the immense torture she had undergone not only physically, mentally but also sexually.


He died a thousand deaths looking at her condition. He closed his eyes in pain not able to see his doll like that, in so much pain. He removed his shirt and with his eyes fixed on the ground he approached her. He couldn’t even look at her, he felt so guilty that his doll had to suffer so much all because of him, he wasn’t there to protect her. Geet flinched to see someone approach afraid but when she saw him she calmed but then fear took over that her best friend will also hate her now as she saw his eyes stuck on ground lest did she know that he toh just loved her unconditionally.


He handed her his shirt and she wore it desperately trying to cover her naked body which was making her feel so ashamed of herself. The shirt was hardly coming to her thighs barely covering her private parts and she was continuously pulling at it trying to cover herself up frantically.


Tears flowed from Maan’s eyes looking at her desperation and without even thinking twice he just removed his trousers and gave it to her. She almost snatched it from his hands and hurriedly wore them as if trying to somehow save her innocence but it had been long lost. It didn’t matter to him that he was in his bare minimum as long as he could comfort his doll. He sat beside her and somehow managed to speak swallowing his tears.


Maan (hoarse whisper due to so much pain): Gudiya, I am so sorry.


Geet just hugged him, almost crushing him while tears poured endlessly from her eyes as if trying to let go of the horror which she had under gone in the last one week. He let her cry gently rubbing her back trying to calm her down while his heart bleed seeing his doll in such a horrible condition.


Geet (finally feeling secure in his arms): He said that he didn’t believe my love, that I needed to prove my love. That I needed to come here and he promised he would ask Papa for my hand when he dropped me in the evening. When we came here he demanded that I let him kiss me and touch me but he promised he won’t cross his limit. (Maan closed his eyes in pain, that bas***d took advantage of her innocence and her love). But it was all false, he abused me. He was like an animal Maan and he kept raping me the whole week (she choked not able to speak as she recalled her night mare and Maan felt as if someone just ripped his soul and burnt it in hell. He would just tear that Bas**** apart limb by limb and drink his blood the moment he laid his hands on that piece of shit). He even snatched my mobile and broke it after taking the SIM. I couldn’t even do anything, was at his mercy and he kept violating me (she sobbed more while Maan felt so helpless at not being able to help his Gudiya) Yesterday evening he left.


He let her shed her tears, tears of shame, of helplessness, of pain, of torture, of abuse, of anger, of hatred, rubbing her back trying to soothe her wounded soul. After ages she let him go.


Geet: Maan I broke papa’s trust, I can’t go back home. Please take me away I can’t face him… please I beg of you.


Maan knew Mr. Handa would just kill her and not even listen that it was Dev who used her innocence. How could he let his Gudiya suffer more… she had already been tortured enough.


Maan: Theek hai Gudiya, let’s go to the pent house. I will manage you don’t worry.


Saying so he got up and helped her get up but she couldn’t even stand properly owing to the immense pain between her legs. Fresh tears poured from Maan’s eyes and he instantly lifted her up and carried her all the way to his bike. She couldn’t sit cross legged so he made her sit with her legs hanging on one side and asked her to hold on to him tightly. As they went through the traffic, Geet hid herself sticking to his back not able to face the world while all gave him a disgusted look for been dressed in just a vest and boxer but he couldn’t have cared less. His doll was all that mattered to him.


Though the pent house was filled with basic essentials but there wouldn’t be any vegetables so Maan stopped to purchase some potatoes and onions as he knew she would be hungry and he thought of cheering her up by making her favorite aaloo parantha. All the people in the shop gave him a revolting and filthy look but even if he had to be stripped naked he would have done that for his Gudiya. He quietly shopped and they went to the pent house. He carried her all the way and made her lie in the bed and tucked her in the comforter.


Maan: Geet, I will just be back with lunch.


Geet meekly nodded and he went to the kitchen to prepare the paranthas. As he was cooking he called up Adi his best friend.


Maan: I want that Bas**** Dev. Find out where the hell is he.


Adi called back in 5 mins.


Adi: Maan he met with a horrible accident yesterday night, all this limbs had been torn apart and his blood and body parts scattered all over the place. They couldn’t even assemble him properly as they cremated him today morning. He met with a really horrible and gruesome end.


Maan’s soul felt some peace that God had punished the Bas**** but he so wished that he could have made him suffer with his own hands.


He made the paranthas and some Glucon-D for Geet and came back. His soul died to see his bubbly Geet just staring lifelessly at the ceiling but he somehow made himself strong and promised that he would bring her out of this depression.


He went to her and made her sit straight with the support of the bed rest. She had no life left in her. He very lovingly fed her food and made her drink so that she would gain some energy.

Geet had tears in her eyes looking at his care and maybe today for the first time she realized that he just unconditionally loved her and she hugged him tight as if pleading guilty for not heeding to his advice, for never understanding his love and always mistaking it as friendship. He caressed her back trying to calm her down.


Maan: Gudiya God has punished that Bas**** aptly, he died a horrible, gruesome and brutal death yesterday. But I wish I could have butchered him with my hands.


Geet hugged him more feeling a little peace that at least she got justice. And he hugged her back wanting to soothe her and take away all her pain. After ages she left him and he made her lie down.


Maan: Geet I will just be back we need some basic groceries and stuff, ok (and he tried to stand up but she held his hand scared to be alone).


Geet: Please don’t leave me Maan


Maan (sitting and caressing her hand): I will never ever leave you again, Gudiya. I am so sorry (and a tear escaped his eyes as he cursed himself for having left her alone. Geet wiped his tear shaking her head, she couldn’t see him in pain, she never wanted him to feel guilty it wasn’t his fault, he had always warned her, it was she who had been foolish enough to trust a monster). I will just be back, Geet, please take care (She nodded assuring him that she won’t do anything stupid, she didn’t want to hurt him more)


He changed into tracks and rushed down to get some groceries as well as some clothes and sanitary pads for Geet. He hurried back afraid of what effect loneliness would have on Geet’s psychic. He calmed to see Geet lying quietly when he returned.


Maan (giving her the packet): Geet chalo change karlo, let’s go to the doctor. (he felt her flinch in shame not having the guts to face the world anymore) Don’t worry Gudiya, I am there with you. (she relaxed, he was with her).


To Be Continued…
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3 thoughts on “Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 2

  1. Princessnikita says:

    Aaawww uss kamine dev ne geet k innocence ka faiyda uthaya…..n 1 week tk usse torture kiya…..god ne usse punish kiya n uska horrible accident ho gaya

    • yeah that beep beep…. he shd rot in hell… God really punished him… but Maan so wanted to rip him apart limb by limb with his bare hands…. but koi nahi he got his punishment

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