Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 1

Part 1

Geet and Maan cleared the entrance examination for B.Tech and joined the same college, both very really thrilled to make it to the top most university. It was a residential college and Mr. Handa agreed only because Maan got admission in the same college so he would be there on campus if Geet faced any problem, he would be there to help her out and protect her from all harm.


The bond of their friendship kept on getting stronger as the days passed by and Maan was very hopeful that one day Geet would truly reciprocate his love till the dreadful day when Geet saw Dev for the first time, he was the most popular hunk of the college who was in the final year. All the college girls were flat on him and Geet was no exception, he was a charmer and she fell for this charm.


One day Geet and Maan where sitting in the canteen when Dev passed by.


Geet (dreamily): Hayee, he is so hot na, Maan. I wish I could be friends with him.



Maan (very angry): Geet, I am again warning you, he is a big flirt and Casanova. He just uses and throws his girl friends, don’t fall for his charm.


Geet: Maan you are just plain jealous. All the girls were flat on you in school but not many are paying heed to your looks here so you are getting irritated and jade of him, nothing else. See he is the perfect gentleman (Dev had just turned towards Geet and smiled his charismatic smile, making her lost in him, yes she was his new hunt)


Maan got frustrated at her madness, he just cared for her. But then her words created doubt in his mind, yes he loved her immensely and had been since ages so was it his jealously that he was against Dev and finding faults in him. His consciousness questioned him that since Geet had fallen in love with Dev and not reciprocated his love, was this the reason that he was so hell bent upon proving Dev wrong but his heart protested that he had heard stories about his bad behavior. His mind argued that stories can all be fake, what prove did he have and his heart couldn’t answer back. Maybe he was wrong hence he thought of letting Geet find her love and not force his thinking on her.


Maan: But promise me Gudiya (doll) (yes she was his gudiya, his doll, his Jaan) that you will take care of yourself and always be on your guard.


Geet (smiled and hugged him sideways): When my best friend is there with me what have I to be worried about.


Slowly days passed by and Geet’s infatuation for Dev kept increasing but as the first semester was ending Maan ensured that it didn’t affect her studies and their papers went awesome as usual.


They had just finished their last paper and Maan had to leave town for a week as Mr. Khurana wanted him to go to the remote village for inspection of the land there for their new site. He wanted to involve Maan in the business now itself so that he would be well versed by the time he graduated and he would be able to join KC with full vigor as soon as he completed college.


Geet wanted to spend a week partying with her girl gang in the hostel as she had never partied before and she was 18 now. She somehow convinced Maan to lie to her father. Maan managed to convince Mr. Handa that she had to go out of town for a project and it was close to the village which he was visiting.


Geet: Thank you so much Maan, you convinced papa. I am really going to enjoy my one week of total freedom with the girl gang.


Maan (not at all happy about the fact that he had lied to Mr. Handa but he could never ever deny his Gudiya): I only lied for you Gudiya but you promise me to take care of yourself. If you face any problem just call up home and go back. I won’t be able to contact you, as the village I am going to is very out dated and has no mobile connection, ok doll.


Geet (nodded, she was so excited about her fun week): You don’t worry Maan I would be just fine.


Maan smiled and they bid goodbye.


One week passed by and Maan had been totally engrossed in the work, absolutely cut off from civilization but he successfully completed the assignment and as he reached the nearest town he mailed all the details to Mr. Khurana who was really proud of his son.


Mr. Khurana: I knew it Maan, that you would nail it.


Maan: Gudiya kaisi hai papa (How is doll, papa)


Mr. Khurana: She said there is some connection problem so she can’t call so she keeps us informed about her safety via messages.


But Maan got hell worried, they had lied that Geet had to go to an adjacent village for a project with her girl gang and teachers hence no one in the house was astonished about the calling part but Maan knew she was in the hostel then why didn’t she call. He was hell anxious and desperately tried to reach her but her mobile was switched off. He couldn’t do much as his flight was leaving but as soon as he landed he rushed towards the hostel.


Maan (to girl’s hostel guard): Please call Geet.


Guard: But she is not here, she left a week ago.



Maan (was shocked to say the least but somehow composed himself): Is pinky there (she was Geet’s best friend. The guard nodded) Please call her.


As soon as Pinky came Maan bombarded her with questions.


Maan: Pinky, where is hell is Geet. You guys were having all girls party na then where is she for the past one week.


Pinky: Maan woh actually we had planned a girl gang week but our boy friends came over so we thought of spending time with them.


Maan (shocked): Boyfriends?? Then where is Geet, answer me.


Pinky: Actually Dev also came along with them and since the hostel would be empty he asked Geet if she wanted to spend some time with him before he dropped her home and she agreed. (Maan’s heart sank) I think they had planned to send some time shopping, hanging out together before he dropped her.


Maan: But she hasn’t reached home since then (This completely shocked Pinky). Where did they plan on going.


Pinky (recollecting something): Dev was saying something about showing his new farm house to her. (Maan felt the ground collapsing under his feet… his doll was… Oh God nooo)


Maan (holding her shoulders and shaking her up in anger): Farm house… Pinky how could you let her go alone with that Bas****… where is that damn thing.


Pinky got really scared and hurriedly gave him the address and Maan rushed to the farm house fearing the worst but still praying to Babaji to keep his Doll save. He would never be able to forgive herself if something happened to her.


Maan barged into the farmhouse premises, the guard tried to stop him but Maan just punched his way through (yes he was only 18 but was well built and very strong for his age and when his Jaan was in danger nothing could stop him).


He rushed inside the farm house shouting “Geet, where are you gudiya…“. No response, it looked like there was no one in the house and his heart sank further. “please answer me doll” he cried “I will die Geet… please tell me where are you“. But still no response.


He barged in almost all the rooms but still no clue when he heard faint sobs coming from the far corner behind the wooden door. He rushed there kicking the door wide open. What he saw next just burned him alive, it felt as if someone had just ripped his heart out and torn it to thousand bits. His doll was sitting in the farthest, darkest corner hugging her knees close to her chest trying to cover her modesty, sobbing continuously with her clothes torn and scattered all around the room.


To Be Continued…
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3 thoughts on “Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Part 1

  1. Princessnikita says:

    Oh my god ye kya hua geet ne maan ki baat pe dhyaan nai diya aur dev k sath chali gai…

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