Will His Love Survive The Turbulent Times Epilogue


The day of the marriage arrived. Geet was blushing away not knowing how to thank God for sending his best angel for her and she vowed to cherish and reciprocate his love all her life. Maan was over the moon today, he was smiling nonstop. Everything looked so beautiful, the bright sun, the swaying trees, the smiling flowers, he felt as if even nature was rejoicing in his happiness. His Gudiya had accepted his love and she would soon be his wife. Oh… he felt so honored and blessed to be loved by his angel.


As Maan awaited his Gudiya at the mandap he was getting really fidgety and desperate to get one glimpse of his Jaan and shuffled impatiently. Rano and Simran giggled at his restlessness while Raj teased him.


Raj (with a straight face whispering in his ears): Maan beta, kya hua, why are so anxious? (Maan beta, what happened, why are so anxious?)


Maan lowered his face all red in embarrassment at his desperation to see his Gudiya while Raj chuckled making him blush more.


Soon Geet got ready in her bridal ware and descended down the stairs. Maan looked at her and he was totally smitten by her beauty. Oh… she looked so majestic and heavenly today that even angels would be jealous of his Gudiya. He was completely lost in her splendor drooling at her with his mouth wide open.


Raj (teasing him seeing his state): Bas tora sa aur intejaar beta ji, Geet will be your wife soon and then you can legally drool over her. (Just a little more wait Beta ji, Geet will be your wife soon and then you can legally drool over her)


Maan was completely flushed at being caught by his father drooling so openly at his Gudiya. He lowered his eyes turning crimson red blushing at his dad’s teasing.


Rano: Arey, why are you teasing our Beta, he already has my permission to admire his Gudiya after all they just finished their first official date.


Maan (totally red now… remembering their first kiss… not able to take their teasing… he made a baby face): Rano Maa, aap bhi… (and he turned his face a little away but was still admiring his Gudiya from the corner of his eyes and all chuckled seeing his desperation)


As Geet reached the mandap, Rano Maa helped Geet settle comfortably next to Maan. Maan was totally mesmerized by his Gudiya while Geet too felt butterflies in her stomach absolutely lost in Maan who looked no less than a prince.


It was the time to exchange the garlands and all the relatives and friends were betting on who would bend down first. They even tried to lifted Maan up in an attempt to not let Geet put the garland but how could Maan bear to see his Gudiya lose and he raised his hand to stop them and gently bowed his head in front of his angel not caring about the boos from boys while the girls cheered him on.

Geet was totally over whelmed by his love and placed the garland around his neck and bowed her head slightly as he made her wear the garland. Witnessing their pure love and respect for each other, all left bad to have booed Maan and cheered them whole heartedly totally mesmerized by their divine love for one other.


Panditji started receipting the mantras for the pheras and Maan was ahead for the first four while Geet was in front for the remaining three. As they held their hands while taking pheras around the sacred fired, they vowed to remain with each other through thick and thin showering their love on the other truly and unconditionally till eternity.


Their parents showered rose petals on them as they became husband and wife pledging to love each other forever in front of the divine power. They took the blessing from their elders and then it was time for Geet’s bidai. All had tears in their eyes but they knew she was going only next door and Rano knew that Maan would leave no stone unturned to keep his Gudiya happy. She was truly overwhelmed at his divine love for his Gudiya, how he gave the ultimate sacrifice of not only his body, heart and soul but he even let go of his self-respect to the extent of being humiliated by one and all yet bored it all silently just for her. She just couldn’t thank God enough to have blessed her daughter with a soul mate as true and pure as Maan.


As Maan and Geet entered Khurana mansion, Simran was all ready with the aarti thaal and she welcomed them with all the rituals. All the relatives cornered Maan as Simran took Geet along with her upstairs to their bedroom. The bedroom was decorated but very slightly on Maan’s insistence as he didn’t want Geet to feel awkward. After some time Maan somehow managed to free himself from the crowd and ran away from them even as they teased him for being so desperate to be alone with his wife.


Maan entered the room and was mesmerized to find Geet sitting on the bed with her veil down hugging her knees. He walked in trance completely lost in her aura but as he reached to lift her ghoonghat he somehow composed himself as he knew she would not be ready to take their relationship forward after the heart wrenching trauma she had undergone.

As he sat beside her he tried to get a grip on his erotic senses and very gently lifted her Ghoonghat. Oh… she looked heavenly… yes she was truly an angel who had descended from the skies just for him.


Maan (sensing that she was extremely nervous): Gudiya you change, all these functions must have been extremely tiresome for you. I will also change. Then let’s sleep (he said with a calm and composed voice, flashing his mesmerizing smile at his doll).


Geet (she knew he would never show it but she was well aware of his desires. She no longer wanted him to suffer due to her dreadful past in fact she too wanted to come out of that night mare): Love me Maan. Please cleanize my body, purify my soul, I want to be blessed by your touch Maan. I want to scrap away all the bad memories and re-write my destiny with you. Please make me yours so that I can cherish these moments all life long. Mark me as yours and only yours.


Geet voiced her desperation, she truly wanted to live again today. She wanted to feel alive in the arms of her savior. Maan could see her trembling, he knew she wasn’t sure if she could accept any touch again but he was blown away by the amount of trust she had on him that he would be able to make her overcome her ordeal.


Maan very delicately removed her mang tikka kissing her forehead gently. He then very carefully removed her ear rings licking her ear lobes teasing her senses. Geet closed her eyes losing herself under his divine touch. He next removed her necklace replacing it with soft kisses all along her neck line. He slowly removed her bangles placing delicate kisses along her hands and replaced her payals worshipping her feet via his lips. He gently caressed her waist removing the waist band sending shivers down her body with his magical touch and feather-like kisses.


18 + part begin

Maan slowly removed her Chunni and she shuffled a bit. He knew how difficult it must be for her and he held her chin making her face him. She assured him via her eyes that she was absolutely fine and truly wanted him to love her. He very gently opened the hooks of her Choli and her breathing became erotic and nervousness overtook her. He tenderly held her hands and directed her to open his Sherwani buttons so as to calm her a bit. He softly removed her cloth while guiding her to remove his. He kept her hands on his bare chest wanting her to feel him and soon she was lost in his Greek God like physic admiring his absolutely scintillating body. She softy ran her fingers over his taut chest and perfect abs, desire slowly creeping in her. He inhaled sharply as his Gudiya caressed his bare chest and abs with her delicate fingers losing himself under her touch.


He unhooked her bra and gently laid her down covering them in the sheet. He very affectionately folded her asserts, massaging and caressing them passionately creating havoc in her senses. He soon replaced his hands with his lips and softly sucked at her peeked Ni*****. He very lovingly licked, sucked, nibbled her br***** while his fingers drew soothing patterns on her tummy and goose bumps erupted all over her body as he gently caressed her. He very passionately yet delicately showered his pure love on her asserts and she was lost in his magical spell, moaning his name in desire, gripping the sheets tightly.


He shifted his attention to her waist placing soft wet kisses all along teasing her senses. As he licked and nibbled her navel she moaned his name loudly ‘Maaannn’ not able to bear his teasing anymore and Maan immediately captured her lips in his and she bit his lower lip sharply trying to get a grip on her erotic senses and complaining about his sweet torture, before licking up the blood. They both were completely lost in their passionate kiss sucking, nibbling and licking each other while their tongues competed in a match of their own exploring all the hidden treasures, feeling the various flavors, loving one another.


They broke after eternity both grasping for oxygen. Maan could feel her little uncomfortable though desire was building up in her but there was still that restlessness as if she feared what would happen next. Maan kissed her eyes urging her to look into his. As they made eye-contact Maan seeked her permission to love her and she lowered her gaze truly wanting to be his today, longing to be freed from those horrifying images.


Maan removed his pajama and her langa and placed soft wet kisses along her tender legs while gently caressing her inner thighs. He soon replaced his delicate fingers with his lips kissing, licking and nibbling her softly creating complete havoc in her senses. He could feel her wetness from above her panties and very gently removed the last piece of clothing letting his fingers slowly caress her along the length of her body teasing her senses.


He placed delicate feather-like kisses worshipping her hidden treasure while his fingers delicately grazed her sides sending shivers down her spine. He gently kissed her opening and licked it making her moan his name in pure pleasure. He sucked slightly before entering her with his tongue licking, kissing and sucking her divine nectar as if depicting how pure and holy she was. He very gently caressed her inside with his tongue taking her to a land of absolute pleasure. She shrieked his name in pure desire as he licked her insides not able to control it any more.


Geet (gripping his hair tightly not able to bear his sweet torture, her voice loaded with desire): Maan please make me yours.


Maan was truly honored to have her desire him the same way like he always did and he removed the last bit of barrier between them and very carefully and gently he glided in her making sure to not hurt her even a wee bit while he captured her lips in his in an enthralling kiss. He very delicately increased the pressure making sure she was with him. When he was sure she was enjoying his slight movements, he fastened the thrusts keeping her with him all the way rocking her world, pleasuring her senses, truly loving her till they both hit their climax.


He rested on her lightly still inside her as they slowly tried to calm their raised breathing and erotic senses. As he tried to withdraw from her she stopped him.


Geet: Nahi Maan, let me feel you inside me for some time.


Maan felt overwhelmed witnessing her love and instantaneously captured her lips taking her to a ride amongst the clouds and they kept on kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow. Geet took the initiative for the first time to lovingly caress his bare back and very sensuously touched his back side and she instantaneous felt his hardness erect inside her. She truly felt blessed today to be loved by her savior. He was her angel who had wiped out every bit of sadness from her life who had sacrificed his entire being just to redeem her. She was truly grateful for his guardian angel to have erased each and every memory of that horrible and dreadful nightmare replacing it with his pure divine absolutely unconditional and selfless love. He had washed away all the sinful violation she had felt and filled her body, heart and soul with his limitless love. He had completely white washed her dreadful past today leaving her with only cherishable and divine memories.


Maan gently withdrew himself and Geet made herself comfortable on his bare chest almost wrapping herself around his body entangling her legs with his. She wanted to shower him with all the love she had received wanting to pleasure him, caress him, love him and treasure him. She very lovingly caressed his bare body pleasuring his senses.


Geet: Maan, I am sure even heaven cannot be as true and as divine as your love is. (placing soft kisses in his chest). I truly had the time of my life and I am forever indebted to you for always being there for me.


Maan tried to say something but he just couldn’t under the sweet torture of his angel whose sinful hands were very delicately loving him slowly inching downwards while her rose-petal like lips placing soft wet kisses along his chest.


Geet: Please love me like this always Maan, I just don’t exist without you. Don’t leave me ever, Jaan.


Maan (whispered hoarsely amidst his totally erotic breathing as she created havoc in his senses by her delicate touch): Never…


Geet touched his manhood and she could clearly feel his arousal as he instantly hardened at her touch. She very gently caressed it and he moaned in pure desire “Gudiya…


Geet felt his hesitation, she knew he so much desired to love her but yet was holding himself just for her sake, caging his desires for his concern about her.


Geet: Love me Maan, I wanna be yours.


That was all that he needed and flipped her over but gently. She was amazed at how much control he had on himself, how much love and concern he had for her and she wondered what good deed had she done to be blessed by his unconditional love.


He delicately glided in her and she was so much more comfortable by now. He fastened his movements inside finding the perfect rhythm pleasuring her senses and soon they both rode amongst the clouds in divine pleasure hitting their climax. They both collapsed completely exhausted and soon fell asleep cocooned in each other’s loving embrace as they truly became one today.


18+ part ends


His truly unconditional love had survived all the turbulent times. His eternal love had crossed all the barriers, overcome all the obstacles and he had finally managed to bring his Gudiya back from the black hole of darkness which had threatened to consume her heart and soul. Today they became one soul and they lived happily ever after cocooned in each other embrace loving one another with utmost zeal and loyalty and soon their family was complete when Geet gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom they name “Amanat” as she truly felt it was the gift of Maan’s divine, noble, selfless and absolutely unconditional love.


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  2. Nadzmsk says:

    OH Gosh Arpi ths Os was sooooo heart touching from da begining,I jus luvd it to d core….um speechless,no words n almost end up wz crying…..one of d beautiful writings of ur’s….Hats Off Babe!!!!!!u truly an amazing Author n I’m mad over ur writings…….u have a beautiful,blessed future dear!!!!!keep it up!!!!!wish I could get a lover lyk Maan…..hayeeeeeeee Maan’s luv n sacrifce was breath taking!!!!Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Arpi,thanxxxxxx a lot….luv u loadzzzz…..

    • Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear 🙂

      Me truly very very honored ….. u simply made my day dear 🙂 🙂

      Wish u get someone as loving and caring as Maan 🙂

      Luv u loadssssssssssss dear ❤

  3. Esmeralda says:

    Just like ur other FFs this one wasn’t any exception to leave me totally stunned 🙂
    The part where Maan is whipped was very heart wrenching 😥
    Tears threatened to fall…but i donno why dey dint…but i cud actually feel the pain and all other emotions that all the characters hav gone through…thnks to ur excellent descriptions 😉
    N I toh just looovvee he ending…haayyee…der wedding n den suhaagraat…(blush blush)
    Keep it upp!!! 😀

    • hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy u liked it dear 🙂 🙂 ❤

      Am truly honored that u felt the emotions 🙂

      Pata hai this story is my personal fav… pata nahi kyun but i luv this one the most 🙂

  4. Princessnikita says:

    Awesum epilogue arpi…..finally maaneet’s wedding day…..haayee maan restless hoying apni gudiya ko dekhne ko…..maan’s dad n rano ma teasing him……..maaneet’s SR…..geet tell maan to love her n make her his…..maaneet lived happily n they have a baby boy…

    • Thank u soooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear 🙂 🙂

      Luved ur comments…. am truly honored and humbled to reach sooooooooooooooooooo much of ur luv 🙂 ❤

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