My Sufferer, My Maan Part 5

Part 5

Maan realized that she may back out if he pestered her more so he agreed to her but he had made up his mind that come what may, even if Geet killed him today he would bring his Jaan out of the nightmare which she was re-living every second of her life.


So the stage was set, they brought in Dev’s dummy and placed it on the floor while Maan stood next to it. They soon brought in a semi-conscious Geet and left them alone after dimming the lights and gently closing the door making sure it was unlocked so that if Geet’s condition deteriorated or she got really violent they could sedate her.


Maan let a partially conscious Geet get adjusted to her surroundings and the dim light before he started beating the dummy.



Maan (roared in anger kicking the dummy mercilessly): Hum tumhe zinda nahi chorenge Dev, Geet se pyaar karna aur shaadi karna toh dur ki baat hai, tumhari himmat bhi kaise hui humare ghar ki izzat par nazar dal ke dekhne ki

(I will not leave you alive, Dev, loving and marrying Geet is out of question how dare you even look towards our family pride)


And Geet as if jolted alive screaming in pain trying to pull Maan away from her Dev.


Geet (begging for mercy for her love, her Dev): Nahi, isme Dev ki koi bhi galti nahi, please usse chor dijiye. Aap ko jo bhi sazza deni hai mujhe de dijiye but please spare him, I beg of you.

(No, Dev is not at fault, please leave him. Whatever punishment you want to give, give me but please spare him, I beg of you)



Geet literally fell in Maan’s feet begging for mercy while Maan’s heart wept blood seeing his Jaan in so much pain, his soul cursed him for torturing her but he knew maybe this was the only way for him to heal his love, his life, his Geet. And Maan kept on beating the dummy left, right and center and as planned Maan tore the red paint packets they had attached to the dummy spilling red paint all over it giving Geet the impression that Dev was bleeding to death and she erupted in uncontrollable fury.


It felt as if the devil himself entered her as she held Maan neck, he flinched in pain as she gripped on the bite mark, and banged his head ruthlessly on the window pane with all her might and blood gushed out of Maan’s forehead as the glass pane shattered completely.


Meera who had been supervising the entire conduct on live video from the adjacent room rushed to their room but was shocked to find the door locked from inside and she realized that it was all Maan’s doing.


Here Geet kept on banging his head on the wall making him bleed but Maan simply left his body completely lose letting her do whatever she wanted to, to let go of the hatred, the anger, the frustration, the helplessness which had all bottled up inside her and was slowly killing her soul.



Geet (screamed in uncontrollable agony and hatred as she kicked him hard in his stomach): How dare you hurt my Dev, I swear I will rip you apart.


She kept on kicking him mercilessly trying desperately to save her love but Maan knew that since she had let go of her anger to some extent, now he had to make her realize that Dev was no more and he somehow freed himself from her rock solid grip and kicked the dummy real hard making the red paint spill all over it while Geet howled in endless pain as she slapped and punched Maan trying to save Dev.


Maan (held on to her gently as she violently slapped, punched and kicked him): Dev is no more Geet, he is dead (seeing no change in her, he gently shook her) Look Geet, he is no more


Maan showed her the brutally battered dummy and it was as if the devil possessed her now as she fiercely pushed him down, she jumped on top of him and screamed in agony as she held his collar and jerked him.


Geet: Tum joth bol rahe ho, Dev nahi mar sakta. (you are lying, Dev can’t die)


Maan: Woh mar chukka Geet, he is no more. (He is dead Geet, he is no more)


She erupted on hearing him call her love dead again and taking a broken glass piece she stabbed him in his stomach.


Geet (in immense pain): Nahi, tum jooth bol rahe ho, Dev nahi mar sakta, woh mujhe chor kar nahi ja sakta, kabhi nahi. I will kill you, you monster (and she stabbed him again)

(No, you are lying, Dev can’t die, he can’t leave me and go, no never. I will kill you, you monster)


Maan (not in the least bothered that blood was oozing out of him body endlessly): Dekho meri taraf Geet, Dev mar chukka hai, woh ab is duniya mein nahi hai (he held her shoulders gently shaking her almost begging her) Mera vishwas karo Geet… woh tumhe chor kar chala gaya… un logo ne use mar dala Geet… bahut behrami se mar dala

(Look at me Geet, Dev is dead, he is no longer in this world (he held her shoulders gently shaking her almost begging her) believe me Geet… he left you and went away… those people killed him Geet… they killed him brutally)


(Assume Maan is lying and Geet on top of him)


His voice was filled in pain as he gently held her showing her the completely red dummy and finally Geet cried, cried on having lost her love. She howled and sobbed in uncontrollable agony screaming “Devvv” while Maan held on to her gently rubbing her back as she finally let go of all the bottled up emotions since that brutal and faithful night before she fell unconscious on top of him having let go of that moment and those torturous memories, having finally accepted that Dev was indeed dead as she let go of all the anger, the hatred, the frustration and the helplessness that was killing her inside. She finally fell asleep as she kept her head on his heart which simply beat for her, which only ever wanted to pour his truly divine unconditional love on his Jaan, she slept peacefully in ages as he very lovingly cocooned her in his protective embrace before he too fell unconscious owing to the immense blood loss.



Here Meera finally managed to break down the door with the help of the ward boys and she was horror stuck to see Maan almost unconscious as blood gushed out of his stomach and forehead yet he held on to his love, his Geet. Even God wondered that night how could someone love the other so truly, so purely and so selflessly. His love for his Jaan was truly divine and even HE saluted his unconditional love.


They immediately rushed Maan to the operation theater while Geet was taken to recovery room where she was kept under total observation.   



Dadi rushed to the hospital on hearing that Maan was critical and she waited desperately outside the operation theater praying for her grandson’s safety when Meera came out.


Dadi (rushing to Meera): Meera beta, Maan kaisa hai, woh theek toh hai na (hearing no response from her, Dadi shook her up) Please beta, mera dil bahut ghabara raha hai, kuch toh bolo, Maan theek toh hai na.

(Meera beta, how is Maan, he is alright na (hearing no response from her, Dadi shook her up) Please beta, I am feeling very uneasy, speak something, Maan is fine, right?)


Meera (gently supporting Dadi as she almost broke down): Dadi sambaliye apne aap ko (Dadi, control yourself). The operation was successful but his condition is still very critical. If he doesn’t gain consciousness in the next 24 hours then it can get really dangerous (she almost whispered as a tear escaped her eye and Dadi felt numb… she couldn’t even imagine something happening to her beloved grandson. Meera continued wiping her and Dadi’s tears) Par aap gabaraiye mat Dadi, Babaji hai na woh sab kuch theek kar denge (But you don’t worry Dadi, Babaji will set everything alright) but till then we must ensure that his love, his Jaan, his Geet has revived because if she calls him I am sure he will regain his life.



Here Geet had gained consciousness by now and she had finally sobered down as the realization dawned in her that her love Dev was indeed dead. She was sitting lifelessly completely lost in her broken world trying to pick up the broken pieces of her shattered dream when Meera called out to her.


Meera: Geet


She turned around to face them but Dadi and Meera were completely taken aback to see the blank look in her eyes, it was as if her soul had left her body.


Dadi (just not able to bear to see her daughter in so much pain, yeah since Maan had confessed his love and got Geet home Dadi had considered Geet as her daughter. She went near her): Geet Beta…


On seeing Dadi, Geet simply broke down, yeah she knew Dadi as they had met a few times when Maan and Geet were in college. Geet hugged Dadi crying her heart out



Geet (as she sobbed uncontrollably): Dadi, they killed my Dev. (she howled as tears flowed endlessly from her eyes) they brutally killed him in front of my eyes and I couldn’t even do anything Dadi (she hiccupped just not able to bear her loss) Dadi…


Dadi gently rubbed her back as she let go of all her sorrow, her pain, her trauma as her tears wetted Dadi.


Dadi (finally after ages as Dadi felt her slowly calm down): Geet beta sambaliye apne aap ko, Babaji ki marzi ke aage hum kuch nahi kar sakte na beta, please control yourself, apni Dadi ke liye.

(Geet beta control yourself, we can’t do anything in front of Babaji’s wish, please control yourself, for your Dadi)


Geet finally controlled her emotions as Dadi slowly broke the hug and wiped her tears while her own eyes became teary seeing the condition of her daughter and how her grandson was battling life and death. Geet shook her head as she too wiped Dadi’s tears.


Geet (suddenly perplexed as to who brought her here from the jungle, she barely remembered anything about the last 3 months): Dadi, par mujhe waha se bacha kar kyun laya, I vaguely remember seeing Maan there (suddenly scared for her best friend Maan) woh theek toh hai na, un logog ne use kuch kiya toh nahi na (her voice almost died, no she was in no position to bear another trauma, on hearing no response from Dadi her heart almost stopped) bolo na Dadi, Maan kahan hai… woh theek toh hai na

(Dadi, who save me and got me here, I vaguely remember seeing Maan there (suddenly scared for her best friend Maan) he is fine right, those people didn’t do anything to him right (her voice almost died, no she was in no position to bear another trauma, on hearing no response from Dadi her heart almost stopped) bolo na Dadi, Maan kahan hai… woh theek toh hai na)


But what was Dadi to say Maan was fighting for his life when Meera sat beside Geet.


Meera (holding Geet’s hand): Geet we need your help to revive Maan (Geet was aghast what happened to her best friend)


Geet (horror stuck): Did they hurt Maan also (shaking Meera) please tell me how is he.


Meera: Geet sambhalo apne aap ko (control yourself), no they weren’t able to harm him, in fact he only saved your life, rather even your soul


Geet looked at her in surprise as she repeated “even my soul” while Dadi indicated Meera to not tell her but Meera continued


Meera: Yes Geet even your soul and in order to save your life he was even ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice. (Meera narrated the whole ordeal to Geet how he selflessly and unconditionally loved her and how he relentless took care of her. How he showered all his love and care on her and how he was willing to lay down his life for her, rather how he was hanging between life and death all in order to revive his love, his life, his Jaan, his Geet.) The operation was successful but his condition is still very critical and he is in the ICU


Geet was completely taken aback at how wildly she behaved in the last few months. She had absolutely no memory what so ever of her gruesome mistakes and how Maan had to bear the brunt of her craziness.



Tears rolled down her eyes at how much he must have loved her to protect her, love her and care for her even in her fact of madness and she cursed her very existence to have tortured the one person you probably loved her the most.


Geet (in extreme pain): Yeh maine kya kar diya, jis insaan ne meri Jaan bachai, jisne mujse beintehah pyaar kiya, jisne bina kisi sawart ke, bina apni parwa kiye mujhe aise wakt par sahara diya jab mujhe sahare ki sabse jyada zarura thi, maine ushi insaan ho marna chaha… hey Babaji yeh mujse kya anath ho gaya… (and she howled in uncontrollable agony as endless tears rolled down her eyes)

(What have I done, the person who saved my life, who loved me immensely, who without any selfish motive, who without even caring about himself supported me at the time I really needed support the most, I tried to kill him… hey Babaji, what have I done)


Dadi: Geet beta, isme aap ki koi galti nahi hai, aap toh hosh mei bhi nahi thi. (Geet beta, it is not your fault, you weren’t even in your senses)


Meera: Yes Geet sambhalo apne aap ko, it wasn’t your fault. Destiny played a very cruel game with you. But now you can save your Maan, call out to him and I am sure he will respond to you.




Yeh hai meri kahani… Mei hi hoon mere Maan ki gunhegar… Dadi aur Meera kahate hai ki meri koi galti nahi… par aap hi bataiye yadi meri galti nahi toh phir kiski galti hai… Maine hi toh unhe maut ke muh mei dakela hai… hai na

(This is my story… I am my Maan’s culprit… Dadi and Meera say that it is not my fault… but you only tell me if it is not my fault then whose fault is it… I only pushed him in the jaws of death… hai na)

(Do read the prologue once again guys)

Precap: Will he give the ultimate sacrifice for his unconditional love or will Babaji spare the divine lover to unite with his Jaan

(Next Part is the Last Part)



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