My Sufferer, My Maan Part 4

Part 4

He made her eat her medicines and gently lowered her down as he covered her in the comforter. He slowly caressed her forehead trying to soothe her and she finally fell asleep in his arms as he cocooned her in his protective embrace wanting to shield her soul from this cruel world.




It was middle of the night when Geet suddenly woke up howling uncontrollably and Maan held on to her, rubbing her back gently. She almost crushed him in her hug as she sobbed continuously begging him to save his Dev. He too embraced her with all his love trying desperately to reach out to her, to soothe her broken heart as his soul wept in helplessness to see her in so much pain and still not able to do anything to save her soul.



And this was the same story every night, either Geet would keep howling continuously or she would keep hitting him so as to vent out all her anger, frustration and helplessness while Maan simply held on to her every night uncomplainingly showering his truly divine unconditional love on her.


Soon three months had passed with Dadi continuing to look after KC as always while Maan worked from home only as someone needed to be 24 by 7 with Geet and he just didn’t trust anyone with her. They did keep a full time nurse so as to help her with taking a bath and give her sedatives if she got too hyper. But there was absolutely no improvement in Geet’s condition what so ever.



It was the day of Geet’s checkup and Maan carried her in his arms inside the hospital as always as she was extremely weak and still lost in her broken world to be able to walk without support. And as always Meera carried out the tests but the same news that she was still suffering from post traumatic depression and her condition hadn’t improved even a wee bit.


Meera: Maan, it is just not working. I know that you are trying your best and showering her with all your love, care and affection but it is simply not working, there is absolutely no improvement in her condition. I suggest you to admit her to the hospital.


Maan: But Meera, she is eating food also now and…


Meera (asked sarcastically): Acha??? What about her emotional outburst and her violent nature?


Maan (lying): It is better…


Meera (cut him in between as she pulled his collar slightly to reveal his neck wound which he had been trying so desperately to hide): Then what do you call this.


And Maan remembered what had happened the previous night.




Maan had with great difficulty managed to make Geet eat food today and had given her the medicines. He gently lowered her on the bed and tugged her in the comforter and as always he cocooned her in his protective embrace as she dearly clung on to him as if her very life depended on it.



Yeah it was one of those days when Geet was feeling really insecure like a small kid and she gripped him real tight almost crushing him in the hug, scared that if she left him someone would drag her and burn her soul in hell.


He kept on caressing and rubbing her back trying to soothe her terrified soul and soon she fell asleep under his protective love and care. It had been a few days and Geet had been calm so Maan was really hopeful that this time maybe her reports would show some improvement, that maybe she was on her path to recovery and seeing her finally sleeping peacefully he too soon fell asleep.


But to his utmost horror, as the thunder roared outside Geet woke up in her worst violent fit till date and started hitting him ferociously. She kicked him so hard that he fell down from the bed. She jumped onto him and started slapping, punching and kicking him continuously while he tried his best to calm her down as he called out to her with all his love.


Generally he was able to get his voice across to her and calm her down with his soothing touch but nothing seemed to be working today as she kept on hitting him screaming in uncontrollable agony “Chor do use, chor do Dev ko. I swear I will kill you all, leave him, just leave him”. (Leave me, leave DevI swear I will kill you all, leave him, just leave him) She kept on mumbling as she continued her assault hitting him with whatever she would lay her hand on while Maan kept on trying to wake her up from her nightmare shaking her “Geet, yahan koi nahi hai, apni aaken kholo Geet… please apni aaken kholo” (Geet, there is no one here, open you eyes Geet… please open your eyes) but he just wasn’t able to get across to her.


Then suddenly as if the devil himself possessed her, she held his collar as she ripped open his shirt shaking him vigorously as if demanding her justice and dug her teeth deep within his neck almost drawing his blood. Finally as she tasted his blood she fell unconscious on top of him.


Maan winced in pain as blood oozed out from his neck while his whole body was sore due to the relentless aggression of his Jaan but still his heart only loved her unconditionally as he gently lifted her up, placing her comfortably on the bed before caressing her forehead gently rocking her to sleep.




Meera (on hearing no response from him, she held this collar and shook him up. Her voice brought him back to reality): Batao mujhe what is this. (Tell me what is this) (But what was he to say). Why don’t you get it Man that she is extremely dangerous and needs to be admitted in the hospital.



Maan (jerking her hands in anger at the name of admitting his Jaan in the mental ward): No, never. I have already told you Meera that till the time I am alive, I won’t let them torture her by chaining her and giving her shock treatment.


Meera (she really cared for her cousin and though she respected his divine love but as a doctor she knew it was suicidal to stay with Geet): She won’t let you be alive for so long. (On seeing that look in his eyes as if his heart screamed “So let it be”, she held his collar and jerked him) God dam it Maan why don’t you just understand (she tried desperately to convince him but what he said next rendered her completely speechless)


Maan (a tear escaped his eyes as his heart wept in his Jaan’s pain): So let it be, at least I will die knowing that I tried my best to revive my Geet (looking deep within her eyes as if questioning Meera’s heart and soul) You tell me what good is this life anyways when I can’t even bring a smile on my love’s face. Isn’t it better that I die rather than see her getting destroyed in front of my eyes? (He held her shoulders shaking her to get his answers) Answer me, isn’t it better that I die than watch her die in front or my eyes every second of her life. (he fell on his knees as tears rolled down his cheeks almost begging Meera): Pata hai Meera, meri rooh mujhe kosti hai ki kyun maine usse bachaya, kya usse maut se bhi battar zindi dene ke kiye? ki maine kitna khudgarz hoon, maine usse itna tarpane ke liye usse bachaya (A shiver passed from Meera’s body almost jolting her at the intensity of his love that he cursed his noble act of saving her life, his love was so divine and true that her happiness was above everything even above the fact that he might have lost her, even above the fact that she may kill him. Oh… God why did you fill the life of such a pure lover with so much pain, Meera questioned her Lord today just not able to see him breaking down) I can’t bear to see her in so much pain. Please do something Meera, I beg of you. Please tell me a way to revive my Jaan, please Meera, please. (and he completely broke down as he folded his hands pleading her to help him save his love, his life, his Geet)

(You know what Meera, my soul curses me that why did I save her to give a life worse than death? That I am so selfish that I saved her to torture her like this.)


Meera was aghast to see Maan break down in front of her and she immediately held his hands lifting him up.


Meera (as tears of his uncontrollable agony rolled down her eyes): Maan Veerji aap yeh kya kar rahe ho, sambhaliye apne aap ko. Yadi aap hi aise toot jayenge toh hum Geet ko kaise bachayenge. (Maan somehow collected himself for the sake of his Geet) There may be one way in which we can bring Geet out of her current state but it can be extremely dangerous.

(Maan Veerji, what are you doing, control yourself. If you only break down like this then how will we save Geet?)


Maan: I am willing to do anything and everything to save her soul.


Meera: From her condition it looks like her mind has got stuck in that moment when they were brutally torturing Dev and she is neither able to accept the fact that he is no more nor is she able to come out of that moment. Maybe, just maybe if we make her witness Dev’s death and make her realize that he is indeed no more, then maybe she would be able to let go of all her bottled up emotions and cry her heart out and come out of that dreadful moment. But she could get really violent and may destroy everything and everyone that comes her way. It is extremely difficult to say how she will react but it just might work. I had researched a lot about Geet’s condition and this is one of the extreme measures that is sometimes taken in such situations to revive the patient but there is no guarantee.


A ray of hope rekindled in Maan’s heart that he might be able to revive his Geet and he was fully determined to give it a shot whatever be the cost.


They got a dummy of Dev prepared and it was decided that Maan would beat the dummy and kill it in front of Geet’s eyes so as to make her realize that indeed Dev was no more but Meera was really worried that Geet might turn extremely violent and hurt Maan.


Meera: I think we should think twice before doing this what if she gets really hyper.


Maan: Meera, kuch bhi ho jaye (Let anything happen), till the time she doesn’t break down and realize that Dev is no more you will not enter the room. Tumhe humar dosti ka vasta. (Swear on our friendship) Please Meera do this much for me and I will be indebted to you all my life.


Meera: No Maan, I can’t promise that, if she gets really violent then I will have to intervene. As a doctor I can’t endanger your life in order to cure her.


Maan realized that she may back out if he pestered her more so he agreed to her but he had made up his mind that come what may, even if Geet killed him today he would bring his Jaan out of the nightmare which she was re-living every second of her life.


Precap: Meera was shocked to find the door locked from the inside.


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