My Sufferer, My Maan Part 3

Part 3

Geet gained consciousness the next day but it was as if her soul had left her. She would just keep on staring at the ceiling with her eyes completely blank as if she just didn’t belong to this world anymore, she was lost somewhere. She was totally unaware of what was happening around her. She simply refused to eat or drink anything and it was only through the drip that they were forcefully giving her glucose and medicines. Maan was trying his best but it seemed as if she just didn’t notice anything or anyone. It had been a few days now there was absolutely no improvement in her condition when Meera called Maan.


Maan (as he entered Meera’s cabin): Yeah Meera.


Meera: Maan the results of the tests have just come and I am really sorry to tell you that Geet is suffering from post traumatic depression and I think it will be better for you if you admit her in the hospital only.


Maan’s heart shattered feeling the pain his Geet was undergoing when the nurse barged into the cabin with her hand bleeding profusely.


Nurse (as she rushed in all puffing): Doctor, aap jaldi chaliye, we are not able to calm down the new patient Geet, woh beqabu ho gayi hai. (Doctor, please come fast, we are not able to calm down the new patient Geet, she has become beyond control.)


Both Meera and Maan were shocked to see the blood rushing out of the nurse’s hand and they rushed along with her to Geet’s room as the nurse explained what had happened.


Nurse: I was trying to give her an injection but she attacked me with the scissors.


Maan was already stunned to hear the sister that his Geet attacked her but what met his eyes next left him horror stuck and grieving in her immense suffering. Five people were trying their best to calm down an extremely agitated and hyper Geet who was screaming on top of her lungs jerking her hands and legs in the air wanting to go free, wanting to hit all those trying to hold her.


Geet: Chor do mujhe, woh mere Dev ko maar dalenge, mujhe unki bachana hai. Choro nahi toh nahi toh I will kill you all too

(Leave me, they will kill my Dev, I have to save him. Leave me otherwise I will kill you all too.)


She screamed in pain, in agony, in helplessness, in anger when Meera somehow managed to give her a sedative and Geet fell numb as they finally managed to calm her down as she fell asleep and placed her on the bed.


As the nurses and ward boys left from there Meera called out to Maan who was completely stunned to see his Geet like that, his soul cried in uncontrollable agony as tears rolled down his eyes.


Meera: Maan… (Maan came out of his trance hearing Meera’a voice) This is what I was afraid of, she can get extremely violent and dangerous. I think it would be better to shift her to a mental ward.


Ground collapsed from beneath Maan’s feet as he murmured “mental ward“.


Meera: Yes Maan, we can’t keep her along with the other patients even if it is exclusive room, it will be way too dangerous. She needs continuous 24 hour monitoring and needs specific treatment for post traumatic depression, we might need to even give her shock therapy if she doesn’t show improvement


Maan (self thought): No way, I won’t give my Geet more pain by shifting her to a mental ward where they would chain her, cage her and give her shock treatment.


Maan (sternly to Meera): No way Meera. (Before Meera could speak he continued) Can’t she be cured with love and care?


Meera was dumbfounded by the pain in Maan’s eyes as if it was his soul with was burning in hell and not Geet’s and she realized that he really loved her and could do anything for her sake. Hearing no response from her Maan shook her up.


Maan (extremely anxious as he held her shoulders jerking her): Please Meera, tell me can’t she be cured with love and affection?


Meera (jerking back to reality): But it will be really difficult and extremely risky.


Maan (really determined as he loosed his grip on her): I will cure my Geet with my love and care.


Meera discharged Geet on his insistence and he carried a drugged Geet along with him to KM and took her to his room. Dadi was shocked to see Maan carrying an unconscious Geet and waited for him to come down.


Dadi (as Maan descended the stairs): Maan beta, what happened? (Maan eyes immediately became teary and he hugged his Dadi. Dadi got scared feeling his tears wetting her) Maan, kya hua hai, (what happened) (hearing no response from him) please kuch toh bolo (say something) beta, you are scaring me.


Maan gently laid his head in her lap and told their entire ordeal, how he happily went to Hoshiyarpur, how he got to know that Geet loved Dev, how he witnessed Geet’s family mercilessly beat her and brutally kill Dev in front of their eyes. How his Geet was dying each second. Kaise uski hasti muskurati Geet ek zinda lash ban gayi thi. (How his happy and smiling Geet became a lifeless corpse) Why… why did her Babaji write so much pain and agony in her life?


Maan (tears still flowing out of his eyes as his heart bleed in his Jaan’s pain): Dadi, mei kya karoon? Mujse uski yeh halat dekhi nahi jati. (Dadi what should I do? I can’t see her in this condition)


Dadi also chocked with emotions at what all her children had to face, it was the cruel reality which is still prevalent in some places where in the name of their false honor they butcher their own children. She gently caressed his hair wanting to soothe his burning soul.


When they heard a loud noise from Maan’s room and he rushed upstairs to find a completely distorted Geet breaking things. Blood trickled from her hand as she pushed another glass vase down. She was about to step onto the broken piece when Maan held her from behind by her waist but she hit his hands wriggling to get free from his grip. She was struggling really hard while he held onto her with all his love, trying to be as gentle as possible so as not to hurt her.


She frantically tried to free herself as she kicked him hard on his legs, hitting his hands but he didn’t loosen his grip. She wasn’t in her senses anymore and picked up a glass showpiece and hit him on his forehead. Blood gushed out of Maan’s head but he still held on to her wanting desperately to reach out to her, to soothe her dying soul. “Geet” he called out to her with all his love but she just didn’t hear, she was lost in her own devastated world, still trying to put together the broken pieces of her dream as she continued to hit him.


Finally Geet collapsed due to exhaustion and the effects of the drugs and Maan gently carried her to bed. He carefully bandaged her hand and slowly caressed her forehead as a tear escaped his eyes seeing the trauma she was undergoing and he cursed the people responsible for this Jaan’s devastated condition.


Tears rolled down Dadi’s eyes as she watched her children suffering so much and she gently bandaged his forehead.


Dadi: Beta, how will you revive her?


Maan (determined): Dadi I will shower her with all my love and care and I am sure one day she will recognize me and come back to this world. But till the time I am alive I will not send her to the mental asylum where they will only torture her.


Dadi was really proud of her grandson that he was willing to go to any lengths to get back his love and she too fully supported him in his decision.


After a couple of hours Maan went down to get some food for Geet. He gently woke her up but his heart wept to see the vacant look in her eyes.

He somehow controlled his emotions as he made a bite and brought it to her mouth but she refused to eat.


Maan: Geet, please eat something, it has been 2 days since you ate anything.


But she gave no reaction it was as if she didn’t hear him only, as if her soul wasn’t in this world anyone.


Maan (literally begged her): Please Geet, kuch toh kha lo. (Please Geet, have something)


He knew it was really important for her to start taking something solid now but she just wasn’t willing to budge. Finally seeing no choice he almost forced her to eat the bite but she bit his hand instead. Blood flowed from his hand as her teeth pierced into his flesh and he winced in pain but still requested her to eat.


Maan: Please Geet, tora sa toh kha lo. (Please Geet, at a little at least)


He pleaded her as he brought the bite near her mouth least bothered about his bleeding hand. Tears formed in her eyes seeing blood ooze out of his hand, she didn’t intent to hurt him, it was just that she wasn’t even aware of what she was doing. She gently held his hand as a tear escaped her eye, her heart ached to see what she had done but Maan shook his head as if saying that she didn’t need to be sorry, she had every right on him, even the right to destroy him. His eyes pleaded her to eat and finally she relented. She ate from his hand as he slowly fed her.


He made her eat her medicines and gently lowered her down as he covered her in the comforter. He slowly caressed her forehead trying to soothe her and she finally fell asleep in his arms as he cocooned her in his protective embrace wanting to shield her soul from this cruel world.

Precap: Meera held Maan’s collar and shook him up

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