My Sufferer, My Maan Part 2

Part 2

On the other hand Geet was so happy after completing her college, she was a graduate now and she headed home all thrilled to settle in her new life with her Dev. Yes, she and Dev were childhood lovers, they were the best of friend but when did their friendship converted to love no one knows, even they were unaware but when on her 18th birthday Dev had secretly proposed to her, she felt over the moon and accepted his proposal almost instantly. This was just before she left for college, in fact the other reason she went to college was that Dev would be able to convince his parents to ask of her hand as Daarji was totally against love marriage. Otherwise also both would be legally eligible for marriage incase their families didn’t agree they could run away.


As always Dev and Geet met at their secret place, hidden from the world.


Dev (hugging her): I missed you so much Geet.


Geet (reciprocating his hug with equal intensity): So did I… Ab bas jaldi se mera haath mang lo isse pahale der ho jaye.

(So did I… Now just come fast and ask for my hand for marriage before it is too late)


Dev: Geet mei pichale kitne mahino se try kar raha hoon but after the fight between our families over the Panchayat elections last year no one even wants to hear Daarji name in my house.

(Geet I have been trying for last so many months but after the fight between our families over the Panchayat elections last year no one even wants to hear Daarji name in my house. )


Geet (really scared): Par tum toh jante ho na ki Daarji ko toh love marriage ke name se hi chir hai… he and Brij Veerji will burn us alive if they come to know.

(But you know right that Daarji gets irritated at the mere name of love marriage… he and Brij Veerji will burn us alive if they come to know.)


Dev: Haan mei janta hoon Geet, par mei kya karoon. (Yeah I know Geet, but what can I do) I had tried again last month to convince papa as it had been some time since the Panchayat elections and he had sobered down but you brother’s ruthless act of killing that girl Chani ruined my efforts, you toh know right papa is against all these honor killings. He simply wants no relation with your family after that episode. (on seeing Geet’s heartbroken face he continued) But you don’t worry Geet I will soon convince him, otherwise worst come worst we will run away from here and get married. After that papa will surely accept you as his Bahu.


But as bad luck would have it one of the trusted servants of Daarji saw them together and rushed to inform Daarji.


Here on the other hand Maan was on his way to Hoshiyarpur feeling on the top of the world. He was on cloud 9 today after all he was going to propose to his love, his life, his Geet but little did he know what destiny had in store for him.


Maan managed to reach Handa Haveli after inquiring in the village but as he parked his jeep and was about to enter the house premises, he was shocked to hear the conversation between Daarji and Raju.


Daarji (roared in anger shaking the guy): Tu sach kah raha hai??? (Are you telling the truth???)


Raju: Haan Daarji, maine apni aakho se Geet bitiya ko us kamine Dev se gale milte dekha aur woh dono baag kar shaadi karne ki baat kar rahe the.

(Yes Daarji, I saw Geet Bitiya hugging that Bas**** Dev with my own eyes and they were talking about running away and getting married)


Maan was stunned as his heart broke into a thousand pieces, his Geet loved someone else. Nahi… aisa nahi ho sakta… (No… this can’t happen…) his heart screamed in unbearable agony as a tear escaped his eye… uski Geet uski nahi hai… (His Geet is not his…) he felt as if someone ripped his heart apart, as if someone snatched his life from him, as if someone brutally crushed his soul… Oh God please say that it is false, that his Geet is his only… his heart begged for mercy as he almost broke down.


But he someone collected the broken pieces of his bleeding heart, no he wasn’t a selfish lover. Yes he really loved his Geet and would die without her but if she indeed loved someone else, he would respect her love, her wish. Yes his heart would die every second it spend without his Jaan but he would somehow convince his soul to be happy just by knowing that his Jaan was happy somewhere that at least she got her love.


Happiness as if completely vanished from his face as he slowly turned around to leave from there but what he heard next stabbed his heart almost burning his soul alive.


Daarji: Kabhi nahi… woh badzzat… uski itni himmat ki woh us kamine se pyaar kare… hum un dono ko zinda nahi chorenge… Jeep nikal… (he roared in fury) Brij humari talwar toh lana…

(No never… that shameless creature… how dare she loves that bas****… I won’t leave both of them alive… take out the jeep (he roared in fury) Brij, bring my sword)


He, Brij and a dozen goons loaded in jeeps all rushed past a stunned Maan who stood rooted there completely numb that a grandfather could be so heartless, so ruthless with his own blood when his soul erupted as realization dawned on him that they were about to harm his Geet and he jumped into his jeep as he rushed behind them.


Brij had already informed his men who had by now surrounded Dev and Geet and had started beating Dev as he tried to hold on to Geet and save her. They were hitting Dev left, right and center and Geet shrieked his name seeing his face dripping blood as she tried to save him but they pushed her hard and she banged on the tree as blood gushed out of her forehead as she fell unconscious. They kept on beating Dev with sticks along with kicking his stomach, hands, legs and face and he was bleeding profusely by the time Brij and Daarji came there.


Brij went and jerked Geet awake as he slapped her hard right across her face splitting her lip which started bleeding instantly. Maan had also arrived by now and he rushed to save Geet from Brij but his men attacked him. Maan was trying his best to get rid of the goons and reach out to his Jaan but they were just too many.


Here Brij took out his sword and stroke her leg real hard making her scream in pain as blood rushed out of her wound. The cut was so deep that her leg collapsed as she fell on the ground wincing in pain and Maan almost died seeing his Jaan in so much agony, blood gushing out of her leg. He screamed in anguish as he hit the goons hard wanting to rush by her side but one hit sliced his arm with a sword as blood gushed out and five of them pounced on Maan.


While the monster completed awoke in Brij as he kicked Geet hard in the stomach.


Brij: Tune humari kandam ki izzat miti mei mila di… hum tujhe Zinda nahi chorenge (and he kicked her again while Maan desperately fought the goons)

(You ruined the name and image of our family… I will not leave you alive)


When suddenly Brij lifted the sword again to strike her but Maan roared like a wounded tiger seeing him about to hit his Jaan again and he threw away all the goons as he rushed towards Brij and held the sword in his bare hand. Blood trickled out of his hand as he stopped the sword and pushed Brij away.


By now they had already finished up Dev, killing him brutally as Geet watched her love being so mercilessly ripped apart in front of her own eyes. By now it was pretty clear to Maan that those folks had no mercy and her brother and grandfather won’t think even twice before killing his Geet. He had to think fast as she was already jerking in and out of consciousness and it was impossible for even him to fight fair and win in time as she was bleeding badly and he knew that he would have to take her to town only for treatment else these folks would never leave them, not in this village for sure.


So in order to save his Jaan he did what he would never do that is to raise his hand on an elder. Without losing even a second, Maan swiftly lifted Geet onto his back and got hold of Daarji placing his sword on his neck.


Maan: Agar tum logo ne humara peecha kiya to mei isse mar doonga.

(If you guys follow us then I will kill him)


And taking Daarji as hostage Maan carried his Geet to the jeep. Placing her gently in the back of the jeep with Daarji in front, Maan sped the jeep away from the village. Maan still held the sword on Daarji’s neck not wanting to take any chances as Maan drove with one hand.


Daarji (roared as Maan sped the jeep): Tune yeh theek nahi kiya.

(You didn’t do this right)


Maan: Apno se baro par haat uthane ke mere sanskar nahi hai par shayad aap toh buzurg kahalane ke layak hi nahi hai. Jis poti ko aap ne itne lar pyaar se pala, aaj aap usko hi marna chahate hai, aap ko toh sharam aani chahiye

(It is not in my culture nor values to raise my hand on elders but maybe you are not worthy to be called an elder. The grand daughter you raised with such love and affection, you were ready to kill her, you should be ashamed of yourself)


Daarji didn’t have the guts to reply him as he went speechless with what Maan said and when Maan asked him to get down from the jeep at the village boundary he silently got down as Maan sped his Geet to town.


Maan hurried to the hospital on the outskirts where his cousin Meera was on duty. He carried a profusely bleeding Geet in his arms as he rushed inside the hospital.


Maan: Meera, please meri Geet ko bacha lo. (Meera, please save my Geet)


Ad seeing Geet’s condition, Meera rushed her inside the OT while Maan restlessly paced outside the OT praying to her Babaji to save her. After about an hour or so Meera came out and Maan rushed to her.


Maan: Meera, woh kaisi hai? (Meera, how is she?)


Meera: We have saved her but…


Maan (really anxious now): But?


Meera: Her physical injuries were not so deep but it seemed as if she had absolutely no will power to survive. It was with great difficulty that we managed to revive her dying soul but I am not sure about the mental trauma she might be going through we will have to wait and watch.


A tear rolled down his eyes as his heart went out for his Geet. He could feel the pain, the trauma, the ordeal she must have suffered seeing her grandfather and brother wanting to finish her hitting her so inhumanly and beating the love of her life so brutally in front of her eyes, killing him so mercilessly and tears of her Maan rolled down his cheeks.


Precap: Meera: Geet is suffering from post traumatic depression

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