My Sufferer, My Maan Part 1

Part 1

Maan and Geet both joined the college to pursue civil engineering.


Geet had with great difficulty somehow managed to convince her parents to send her to town for college despite the opposition from Brij and Daarji who absolutely wanted to get her married as soon as possible but she had went on a hunger strike and finally her Papaji stood against Daarji for the first time in his life for his only daughter. So amidst high drama, Geet was finally given the permission to pursue her dream of studying further.


On the other hand Maan was the heir of Khurana Constructions and used to live with his loving Dadima and had joined the prestigious college to fulfill his Dadi’s dreams of making KC the best company in India. Though already he was helping her in business but due to her old age and his lack of experience and exposure the company wasn’t at its peak like it used to be during the time of Maan’s Dadaji and Papa.


It was their first day in college and being a fresher Geet was mortally scared while our Maan, oh he was the king of Delhi, who could even touch our tiger. Geet meekly entered the college premises wearing a simple green color salwar kamiz scared like a rabbit having heard the numerous stories about raging but she was in the safe zone as the seniors were busy picking on the attitude showing chicks and guys.



So they just asked her to sing a song and when she sang “Mera desh, mera mulk, mera yeh watan, shanti ka unnati ka pyaar ka chaman“… they understood she would be no fun and stopped her and were about to send her away when another group of seniors came there and they were really pissed off, after all they had tried hard to rag our Maan but had got themselves only ragged in return. So one of the seniors thought of picking on her to teach Maan a lesson.


Senior: You girl in salwar suit, come here.


Geet looked here and there as if trying to figure out if he was calling her or someone else.


Senior: Yes, I am taking to you only, come here.


Geet was scared but yet went ahead as it was safer to obey.


Senior: You see that guy…


Geet (looking towards the place which he was pointing to with his finger and asked): He…


Senior: Yeah, him only in that white shirt with his first 3 buttons opened and wearing denim jeans. You have to go there and slap that guy hard.


Geet almost freaked out… slap… slap a guy… She had never even raised her voice, in fact she wasn’t allowed to speak in front of the male members back at home and it was Brij and Daarji who always had the supreme authority while the girls were always oppressed and the seniors wanted her to slap a guy whom she didn’t even know.


Senior (screaming at her, jolting her back to reality, as he feared that his plan would fail to revenge Maan if this behenji didn’t slap him): Oye, are you deaf? Can’t you hear? Go and slap him otherwise you will really repent it.


Geet meekly nodded not wanting to invite any trouble and literally dragged her feet towards Maan fearing what to do, how could she slap him. Once back in Hoshiyarpur she had objected to her brother Brij’s illogical decision and she had been so brutally tortured that she shivered in fear as to what that guy would do with her if she slapped him but what was she to do, if she refused the seniors then they would rag her more. She shot a prayer to her Babaji to save her and headed towards Maan.


He was standing facing his back to her, so she cleared her throat to catch his attention and Maan turned around.


OMG… he was simply stunned by the innocent shy beauty standing in front of him so cutely knotting her dupatta. Hayee… he felt over the moon and as soon as he faced her, she so gently lowered her eyes that he almost felt butterflies in his stomach. Oh… he so wanted to be lost in her hazel brown eyes, for the brief second that their eyes had met he had been so mesmerized that he simply wanted to lose himself in the depth of her charismatic eyes which were the mirror of her soul so pure, so innocent, so untouched and he was almost in a trance when Geet cleared her throat again to gain his attention as he returned back to Earth having floated so far away in this dreamy paradise.


Geet (again lowered her eyes not knowing how to ask): woh… woh…

Maan (was getting real curious as to what did she wanna say): Ji kahiye (yeah tell me)


Geet (his voice had a very calm and soothing effect on her disturbed senses as if granting her guts as if his voice absorbed all the awkwardness and uneasiness and she was able to muster enough courage to speak): Woh… actually the seniors have ordered me to slap you (she said making a cute baby sorry face, as if cribbing at the senior’s demand, maybe just maybe she found him cute)



Hayee… Maan almost fell for her cute antics…


Maan (his heart so yearned to feel her touch what if it was in the form of slap, woh bhi chalega (that would also do)): It’s ok, you can.


Geet’s eyes almost popped out… as she slowly processed his words for the third time in her mind. No… no it can’t be… had she gone deaf, did he just agree to it???


Geet (not able to believe her ears as she cutely rubbed her ears): Ji???


Maan (absolutely adoring her cute antics): I said, you can slap me, it is perfectly fine.


Geet was really shocked that he agreed and that too so easily and she just kept on staring at him without even battling an eyelid and Maan so wanted to pull her cute cheeks but he somehow controlled his emotions and this time he cleared his throat to bring her back.


Geet (totally surprised): Sachi… (Really)


Maan simply nodded almost chuckling to himself at her cuteness. Geet turned back to look at the senior who were really awaiting the moment of their revenge and then she gently slapped Maan. Hayee… her touch was so delicate that he was lost in his own world as if savoring the feel of her soft fingers which had touched his soul.


Geet (immediately closed her eyes after slapping him as if her heart still feared his reaction but nothing happened so she slowly opened her one eye and seeing him lost got totally confused): Sorry aap ko laga toh nahi… (Sorry, did you get hurt?)



Her melodious voice brought Maan back to reality and he sweetly smiled at her shaking his head, how could her divine touch ever hurt him. Geet sighed in relief and left from there but little did she know that she had stolen his heart today.


Geet was a shy girl and never had many friends so she was finding it difficult to make friends in college but the ragging session had really helped her in one way as it broke the ice between her and Maan and they soon became good friends.


As time went by their group became a little big and Geet, Maan, Adi, Pinky and Annie were best of friends but even then Geet rarely talked about her life back at home in Hoshiyarpur. She told them nothing absolutely nothing, not even about her childhood love Dev.


Here Maan was slowly falling more and more in love with his innocent angel but he just didn’t understand the new feelings and sensations that he felt with Geet around.


Soon the years of college went by and it was their last day in college. All were very sad but what could be done all had their own different lives to lead and they sadly parted ways promising to keep in touch.



But as a week passed Maan started really missing Geet though he didn’t realize it and he would remain really restless, nothing seemed the same to him, it was as if the trees, the birds, the sky, the moon, the entire nature was sad and gloomy and he as if forgot how to smile all together, it was as if she took his very happiness with her.


Dadi got really worried seeing her grandson so sad.


Dadi: Maan beta, kya baat hai, hum dekh rahe hai ki jab se aap ka college katam hua hai aap bahut chup chup se, udas se, gumsum se, dukhi se rakane lage hai, beta sab kuch theek toh hai na.

(Maan beta, what is the matter, I have been watching that since your college has ended you have become very quiet, so sad, so unhappy, lost in your own world, beta is everything alright?)


Maan (he himself was so confused): Pata nahi Dadi, kuch bhi acha nahi lagta aaj kal, sab beraag sa lagta hai, even work seems so dull, pata nahi mujhe kya ho raha hai.

(I have no clue Dadi, I don’t like anything these days, the world looks without color, even work seems so dull, I don’t know what is happening with me)


Maan and not wanting to work, Dadi was shocked beyond words, then she smiled as realization dawned on her that her innocent grandson was in love and didn’t even know about it.


Dadi (smiling slightly): Par hume pata hai. (But I know)


Maan (now all the more confused, how did Dadi know?): Kya pata hai and why are you smiling like that, Dadima…

(What do you know and why are you smiling like that, Dadima…)


Dadi: Close your eyes Maan.


Maan: Kya??? (What???)


Dadi (faking anger): Just do as I say.


Maan gave her his weird look but then sighed and did as she said.


Dadi: Close your eyes and imagine you are at your favorite beach with your legs dipping slightly in water as the gorgeous sun is quietly settling down meeting the infinite ocean at the beautiful horizon. (she paused slightly so as to let the calm feeling slowly seep in him) In this serene atmosphere who do you see by your side holding your hand?


Maan (was completely lost in the divine scene of his dream world as he dreamily whispered): Geet…


Maan opened his eyes in shock as realization dawned on him that he was in love with Geet… OMG he loved her, he beamed like a kid as he kissed Dadi hard on her cheek.


Maan (said jumping in joy, kissing her cheek): Thank you… thank you… thank you sooo much Dadi… OMG… I am in love… wow…


Dadi (smiled at his cute antics): Ab jao aur jake humari bahu ko jaldi le aao.

(Go now and get my bridegroom fast)




And Maan nodded his head as he rushed to pack his bag not wanting to waste even a second and headed for Hoshiyarpur.

Precap: A Guy: Haan Daarji, maine apni aapko se Geet Bitiya ko us kamine Dev se gale milte dekha

(Yes Daarji, I saw Geet Bitiya hugging that Bas**** Dev with my own eyes)


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