Stangers Destined to meet Forever

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Maan was in the elevator to go to his friend’s party when the elevator door opened and in entered someone. Being pre-occupied in his thoughts he didn’t notice who entered. Here Geet was very conscious of her appearance and due to the petrified looks she had been getting all through the way, she had her eyes fixed on the ground while entering the lift not wanting to alarm the people in there, hence even she didn’t notice him.


Electricity went out as they reached the 20th floor of the building and all went dark. Geet shrieked as the lift came to a sudden halt bringing Maan out of his reverie. It was then that Maan realized that he was struck in the elevator alone with a girl. He instantly took out his mobile so as to calm the petrified girl with the torch in his mobile.


Seeing a faint glow of light behind her, Geet turned to see that source of the light. It was then that both of them saw each other for the first time and shrieked.


Maan and Geet (simultaneously): Awww……………..


It took a moment for both to calm down then Maan spoke.


Maan: You have also come to attend the horror theme party.

Geet: Yes and I guess you too.

Maan nodded.


Maan was dressed as a scary Dracula while Geet was dressed as a deadly witch since both had come to attend the horror theme party thrown by Maan’s friend Rahul and his wife Anjali. Anjali was Geet’s friend and she had invited her over. Maan and Geet didn’t know each other (or did they).


It didn’t seem like that electricity would be back son and seeing the girl so scared, Maan thought of lightening the situation.


Maan: So, it looks like you are struck in the lift with a Dracula for some time now.


Geet laughed. Hayee Maan felt like the whole world stood still as he heard her melodious laugh, it was like music to his ears.


Geet (laughing away): And you with a witch.


Maan chuckled. Geet also took an instant liking to the stranger and felt a little relaxed. It was probably better to be struck in the lift with someone rather than alone, she thought.


Time soon passed by with Maan staring at Geet lost in his witch while Geet who was initially feeling scared of the dark soon felt at peace in her heart that she had his company. Geet could not put her finger but somehow the Dracula had a very calm and serene feel about him and she was lost in him.


Suddenly the lift jolted bringing them out of their thoughts. The lights flickered a little but the elevator was far from starting when they heard a noise from outside.


Maan: Is anyone out there?

Guard: Yes, sir.

Maan: When will the lift start we are struck in it since a long time.

Guard: Sir there is a major electricity fault and the electricians are working on it. It will take another hour to get the elevator working.

Maan: Ok.

Geet (screamed): Another hour. Oh My GOD!!!


By then the guard had left them. Maan let out a sigh and slumped on the lift floor spreading his legs in front.


Maan: Witch ji, app bhi baait jaiye, it will take another hour (Witch ji, you also sit down, it will take another hour).


Geet made a cute pout as he called her witch but sat down at a slight distance knowing he was right.


Maan could feel that there was a slight sadness hidden in her beautiful eyes as if they were waiting for something or someone and he couldn’t resist but say


Maan: You know it is sometimes easier to open up with strangers. As it helps to lighten if you open up and they will never judge you.


Geet interrupted not letting him finish.


Geet: And you never know if destiny wants the strangers to meet, then they will surely meet again at some point in time.


As they uttered these words both were lost in their past when a similar incident had occurred.


FLASHBACK – 5 years ago


A small boy was sitting alone sobbing slightly all by himself when a nurse came to him.


Nurse: Beta, here take your today’s allowance, you entertained the kids very well.


Boy tried to smile amidst his tears on her praise and kept the money. A small girl was watching this from far and somehow felt hurt looking at his tears. She didn’t know why but she felt the urge to reach out to him to wipe his tears. As the nurse went away leaving the boy alone with his silent tears, the girl could bear it no longer and went to sit next to him.


Girl: You know it is sometimes easier to open up with strangers. As it helps to lighten if you open up and they will never judge you.


Boy (scared to lose even a stranger): But what if you never meet them again.


Girl: You never know if destiny wants the strangers to meet, then they will surely meet again at some point in time.


The boy looked up to see a very beautiful girl smiling at him. He was completely lost in her angelic smile.


A tear escaped his eyes remembering his mother and he bowed his head. She kept her hand on his trying to comfort him. He looked up again. There was something in her that he felt like opening his heart to her.


Boy: My mother is very ill. For the past 6 months she is admitted in this hospital. Papa can’t even come to visit us often as he needs to keep earning to keep her treatment going. It is very expensive you know. I just hope she gets better soon, I miss her so much.


(He used to entertain the sick kids in the hospital ward for a small allowance, it was his way of helping his dad so that at least he could fund himself.)


Tears flowed from his eyes as he poured his heart out. The girl didn’t know why but her heart ached seeing him so sad and in tears. She cupped his face and wiped his tears, not realizing when her own eyes became moist and tears fell from them. The boy felt as much calmer as she cupped his face as if she was taking away his suffering but when he saw tears in his angel’s eyes he could not bear it.


Boy: Why are you crying angel (he asked wiping her tears away)


She didn’t know why her eyes were wet, she didn’t know what she was feeling. All she knew was she couldn’t see him sad.


Girl: Give me a minute, I will just be back.


Saying so she rushed somewhere. He felt as if his ray of hope was going far from him and felt numb. But how could his angel leave him, she soon came back with a flower in her hand.


Girl: Keep this flower under your mother’s pillow it is God’s Prasad, she will be better soon. Don’t worry.


Just then the old man with his old camera, who used to wander in the hospital clicking pictures, took their picture and gave it to them saying.


Old Man: Keep this picture my dears and you will meet forever. (He smiled a toothy smile and left before either of them knew what happened)


It was then that the girl’s father called out for her.


Father: Geet, come beta we need to leave else we will miss our flight.

Geet (sadly): I need to leave now…

Boy: Wait, I will keep one half of the picture and you keep the other half.


Geet nodded and they carefully tore the picture. He kept his angels photo while she kept his. They both were lost in the world when her father’s voice brought them back to reality.


Father: Geet, beta where are you? Hurry up.

Geet: I really need to leave now.


He nodded sadly.


She gave him the flower, their hands touched and both felt the magic as if they were destined to meet again.


As she moved ahead, the loss of touch pained their hearts but somewhere they knew it was destined for these strangers to meet again. It was then that she turned back at him and asked.


Geet: At least tell me your name.

Boy: Maan.


She smiled her sweetest smile at him. He smiled back, maybe for the first time after his mother fell ill. As they parted their ways, his angle had given his smile back to him.




It was then that it struck to them that destiny had indeed conspired to make them meet and Maan was the first to exclaim taking the precious picture out if a small case which he kept close to his heart.


Maan: Geet, it is you, right.


Geet was overwhelmed that he remembered her, though she knew he was hers but all these years she was scared what if he forgot her.


Geet: You remember me (taking out his picture from her purse).

Maan: How could I ever forget my angel.

Geet: But your angel turned out to be a witch. (They both laughed at their costumes)

Geet: and you are My Maan, right.


Maan beamed as she said “My Maan” while she blushed as she shied realizing that she had called him hers.


Since that day in the hospital both could never forget each other and they felt as if they were waiting for the other living and re-living the beautiful memory by the picture they had. Maan believed in what his angel had said that if destiny wanted they will meet again and he had full faith in his angel while Geet knew he was hers and that they will surely meet.


Geet (fearing asked): Your mom…

Maan: My angel cured her (Geet smiled, the smile reaching her eyes as she realized that his mom got well). You know what I kept the flower under her pillow and the very next day she gained consciousness and soon she was completely cured. (He added in an excited voice by tears brimmed his eyes as he remembered those days of pain and how he met his angel and how she brought back his happiness)



He held her hands as if thanking her for being there when he needed her the most. She kept her other hand on his hand tightening her grip as if saying that there was no need to thank her and now that destiny had finally made them meet again it will be forever.


They kept staring in each other’s eyes in the dim light of his mobile and as they shared the eye-lock their faces kept nearing each other till their lips were almost brushing and almost instantaneously their lips met and it was like magic that they both got lost in each other deepening their passionate yet gentle kiss.


The electricity came back and the lift started as they kissed, as if it had played its part in the game of destiny to unite them forever. They reluctantly broke away from each other as the elevator door opened but hand in hand as if promising themselves that they had held their hands to never ever let go of it again.




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4 thoughts on “Stangers Destined to meet Forever

  1. aprajita madra says:

    woww…beautiful n sweet story…:):)

  2. Maaneet dewani says:

    I have no word for this one !! What u write do u know i had feel it … It was speachless i dont know how i feel reliving the most happy days of my life the same i have met a stranger the same his touch is the sign that God made us for eachother In Sha Allah !through even i dont know where is he ? Who is he ? Just his name n the feel of his touch is what i have from him but like maaneet i believe we will meet again soon In Sha Allah …. Arpi thums up to u thanks for this one more os which is awesome

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