Selfless Love Part 1

Warning 18 + story
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Part 1


Maan and Geet met in college, they studied in the same class and soon became very good friends. Slowly their friendship turned into love and one day Maan proposed to Geet and she was ecstatic to say the least. They convinced their parents and as soon as their college completed they were tied in the sacred knot.


It had been 2 years since they had been married and their love was blooming till one day when Maan received a phone call. It was Meera, Geet’s cousin sister who was a doctor, though she was elder to Maan, she really respected Maan a lot and treated him like her own brother while Maan also cared a lot for her and protected her like his sister.


Meera: Maan, can you please come to the hospital, it is very urgent.


Maan rushed to the hospital, he and Geet had got some tests done as a regular check up and today the reports were to come. Maan ran up to Meera’s cabin afraid as to what was wrong.


Maan (barging in, fortunately Meera was alone): What is it, Meer? Everything is fine right?


Meera: Maan, please take a seat.


Maan: Meer, I am dying of worry, please tell me that Geet is fine.


Meera (sighing): No, Maan there is a problem (Maan’s heart sinked) She has HIV


Maan: Are you sure, there could be a mistake, please get it retested Meer.


Meer: Maan I already had the samples tested 3 times, there is no mistake (Maan’s world came crashing down, his angel was ill. Oh God’ she was his life, he couldn’t even imagine a second without her, his eyes brimmed with tears)


Maan (almost begging Meera): Please tell me she can be cured, please Meer’ please I beg of you.


Meera: We are very fortunate Maan that it is the first stage of HIV and there are medicines to cure it. If everything goes well she should be fine in a few months.


She prescribed some medicines and finally Maan breathed a sigh of relief as he saw a ray of hope.


Maan: Thank you Meer, thank you so much. I will do everything you say but please meri Geet ko bacha lo. (Thank you Meer, thank you so much. I will do everything you say but please save my Geet.)


Meer: Maan don’t you want to know how she caught it? (She found it very strange that he didn’t even once blame Geet or get bothered whether he caught it but was just bothered about her safety)


Maan: My Geet can never be wrong, it must be some medical negligence due to which she got infected and I won’t leave the people responsible for it.


Meera (felt proud of her brother): Yes, you are right. You remember couple of weeks back, Geet had a minor accident and she had to be given blood immediately. That blood was faulty. I just got to know when I ordered for a probe into it after Geet’s report. I have already ordered for an inquiry into the matter and you don’t worry the people responsible for this negligence will not go free, they will be punished.


Maan (enraged that due to someone’s carelessness, his Geet had to suffer so much): Meer, make sure the culprits are not spared, they need to be punished severely so that such negligence is never ever repeated with anyone again.


Meera nodded. Maan was about to leave when she called him from behind.


Meera: Maan your tests are clear. You know the precaution right. No physical intimacy otherwise you can also be infected.


Maan just left with tears in his eyes as to how would he tell his Jaan.


Here Geet had a nightmare. She and Maan were seated in a spectacular garden which had flowers blooming all around smiling at their pure love. Both were feeling complete with each other when BOOM everything gets destroyed and her Maan is snatched away from her. She woke up sweating profusely screaming “Maaannn


Here Maan had just entered the house when he heard her scream and he rushed up to their room. He was shocked to see a scared Geet crying endlessly screaming his name. he ran to her and took her in his embrace.


Maan (rubbing her back trying to calm her down): Geet, Jaan what happened?


Geet: Maaannn’ (she almost crushed him in the hug) Please never ever leave me Maan


Maan: Never Jaan.


She felt relaxed in the hug feeling him close to her and finally after ages she let him go


She touched his face as if making sure he was there, she softly caressed his face relieved to have him with her. They were lost in their eye lock pouring their love via their eyes when Geet took the initiative and hovered her lips above his wanting to feel him, her breathe fanning him, teasing his senses, urging him to kiss her and he let go of all Meera’s precautions and captured her lips fulfilling her desire. The kiss soon turned passionate with Geet taking charge biting his lower lip and then caressing it, gently sucking the blood soothing him. He moaned her name completely lost in the kiss. He needed the kiss, the reassurance as much as she did. Their tongues fought with each other exploring all the hidden secrets.


Geet wanted to feel him, she was so scared to lose him that she wanted to be in his arms, to touch him, love him, caress him, she so wanted to be lost in him, mark him hers again and just be his. She almost tore out his shirt from his pant and ripped apart his vest wanting to feel him. She roughly caressed his well built chest and toned abs, showering him with wet kisses all over his chest. She bit him gently on his abs before soothing it by licking him and moving up his chest kissing, biting, and licking him all the way up. He moaned losing himself in the heavenly feel of his Jaan. She gave him a love bit on his collar bone scratching his back as if conveying that she wanted him to love her. How could he ever deny his Misti, he loved her so much. How could he tell her that he should no longer shower his love on her. How could he break her heart especially when she was feeling so lonely, so broken, so disturbed by the mere thought of losing him. How could he refuse their love and he just let go of all the barriers that were supposed to be there between them.


He gently carried her to bed and made her comfortable. He then removed her kurti showering her with wet kisses along her jaw line slowly traveling down. His hands were caressing her Br***** above the red lacy B** creating havoc to her senses. She moaned his name in pleasure, desire increasing in her eyes. He delicately removed her B** and shifted his attention to her womanly assets which were peaking showing him how much she was loving his attention. He delicately sucked her N****** giving her heavenly pleasures. He then bit it slightly soothing it by licking the bite mark and she just moaned. He was being extra gentle today and carefully shifted his attention to the other loving it the same, sucking it, folding it, making her moan. When she could take his sweet torture no longer anymore she shrieked his name wanting him to kiss her and he immediately obliged by capturing her lips for a enthralling kiss leaving both breathless and grasping for air.


He removed her salwar along with his trousers and gently caressed over her under garments teasing her senses. She moaned “Maannn” and he immediately took her lips in his kissing her senseless with his hands roaming inside her panties while hers were exploring his chest and back. Then he suddenly entered her with his fingers and she shrieked with pleasure scratching his back. He pleasured her by thrusting in back and forth but she arched her back demanding more “Maan I want you in me now, please honey“. That was it, whatever Meer had advised he just threw it out of the window. It didn’t matter if he caught the virus at least they would be in it together. With that thought he removed the last barrier between them and entered her in one swift motion. She screamed his name in pure bliss, craving for more “Maan, I want you more, love“. He fastened his rhythm but making sure she was with him all the way and he kept increasing the pressure rocking her world with his love till they both reached their climax and collapsed feeling exhausted.


Maann’ she moaned and he captured her lips again for a ride amongst the clouds. He wanted to shower all his love on her.


They broke after ages when he asked her “how are you feeling now Jaan


Geet: Promise me you will keep loving me like this honey come what may.


Geet just casually said “come what may” not realizing the gravity that Maan had crossed all the barriers for his love today. He was willing to even risk his life for her.


Maan: Always Jaan.


Maan made her head comfortable on his chest and she snuggled up to him almost merging in him. She slept peacefully lost in her paradise along with her guardian angel. Here Maan was staring at the ceiling feeling lost but contended that he had his Geet with him and he would make sure she won the battle against the deadly illness.


Maan (self thought): I will not let my Jaan know about this but make sure she takes her medication on time.


To Be Continued…
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    Amazing,sooooooo luvly filled wz romance……

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