Selfless Love Part 4

Part 4

Maan dropped Geet home. She was very perplexed by the whole situation and was doubtful that Meera and Maan were hiding something from her. She was very disturbed and started searching the house for any clue as to what tests they were undergoing and where the reports were. But she couldn’t find anything and finally ditched feeling tired.


Maan used to keep the file safe in his office locker so that even accidently she wouldn’t find it but as luck would have it he had to get the file home that night since the next day the new reports would come and he needed to carry the file with him first thing in the morning to the hospital so that they could compare the results. (Generally he would go to hospital from office itself but this time it wasn’t possible)


When Maan returned home that night


Geet: Maan, give me your bag. I will keep it in the room, you freshen up and then let’s have dinner.


Maan (stammering): woh… woh… I will keep it, anyways I am going to room only.


Geet found it strange but she let it be. They had their dinner quietly, while Geet’s mind was racing she was sure that they were definitely hiding something and not telling her the truth. After dinner both retired to their room for the night.


Next morning Maan was heading to the hospital when Geet crashed into him and all the papers of the file came out. He hurriedly picked them up fearing what would happen if she sees the reports but fortunately by the time Geet could react he had collected all.


Geet: Sorry Maan, woh… I didn’t see you.


Maan (smiling): No problem, Jaan. Chalo I am leaving now sweet heart, see you in the evening.


Geet bid Maan good bye and he headed for the hospital. Here Geet bent down and she saw that one of the papers had flown under the bed. She got it and thought of calling Maan as it might be critical to his work when she saw that it was a hospital lab report. She was shocked to notice it was Maan’s HIV test report and it was positive. (This was the report when he had just got infected after their first intimacy). She saw the date and was devastated to realize that they had been intimate after that (3rd anniversary of Maan’s proposal to Geet). She left for the hospital all shattered and asked the lab department for the latest reports and was furious to know that she had got infected too. The reports clearly showed that Maan’s virus spread was more than hers.


Here Maan entered Meera’s cabin. The reports had come and Geet’s health was getting much better now and Meera was very hopeful that she should be cured soon. But Maan’s body wasn’t responding as well. His condition had deteriorated but only slightly which showed that the medicine was at least decreasing the rate of virus spread but not able to control it. Meera had already contacted some senior folks and after discussion with them she decided to change his medication when suddenly the door banged open and a devastated Geet barged in.


Geet went up to Maan and slapped him hard.


Geet: How could you do this to me (grabbing his collar) How could you… (she broke down while shaking his furiously) I blindly trusted you and what did you do? You broke my trust and destroyed my love… How could you fall so low… how …



Maan was shocked to say the least, while Meera tried to interrupt.


Meera (started): Let me explain…


But Geet had completely lost it and didn’t let her continue.


Geet (absolutely mad, anger spitting from her eyes and venom from her tongue): Tumne mere saat bewafai ki, tum ne mujhe dhoka diya. Kya yeh kaafi nahi tha ki tum bachalan nikale aur tumne kissi aur ke saath sambandh banaya (Maan staggered back, tears flowing out of his eyes at her accusation, he had never even looked at any girl other than his Geet and she accused him of cheating her but what she said next tore his heart apart) ki jab tumhe yeh maloom tha ki tum HIV ho uske bavajoodh tumne mere saath sambandh banaya. Maine kabhi sapne mein bhi yeh nahi socha tha ki tum itne gire hua nikaloge aur mujhe itna bara dhoka doge. Aaj tumne mera bharosa tor diya (She grabbed his collar again shaking him up) Bolo tumne mere saath aisa kyun hi, meri wafa ka yeh sila kyun diya. Tumne apne gande and gire hua irado ke liye mera istamal kyun kiya. Kyun…. (she broke down falling on her knees)

(You cheated on me, you deceived me. Wasn’t it enough that you were characterless and you slept with someone (Maan staggered back, tears flowing out of his eyes at her accusation, he had never even looked at any girl other than his Geet and she accused him of cheating her but what she said next tore his heart apart) that when you got to know that you have HIV you still slept with me. Even in the worst of my worst dreams I hadn’t imagined that you would fall so low and that you would cheat on me. You have broken my trust (She grabbed his collar again shaking him up) Tell me why did you do this to me, how could you betray me like this in return of my trust. How could you use me for your own sick and dirty ideas. Why … (she broke down falling on her knees))


Maan died a thousand deaths hearing her abuse. Her each word felt like a bullet piercing his already bleeding heart. She insulted his love, making a mockery of his selfless, pure love accusing it of the worst possible crime and he wished he had died before he lived to see this day when his Jaan demeaned, humiliated, disgraced, abused, accused, cursed and made fun of his limitless love. He staggered back not able to take her poisonous daggers which pierced his soul weeping blood.


Meera was shocked beyond words and stood like a statue not able to hear her baseless accuses while Geet kept pouring acid burning his heart and soul, humiliating his divine and selfless love.


She probably destroyed him today, shattering his heart, sucking his life away, ruining his soul beyond repair and he left from there not able to bear her insult anymore.


Rabba hai… rabba
Rabba hai… rabba


He sped his car and drove aimlessly faster and faster trying to take out all his frustration


Kisi da tu kya laage
Lo tute kache dhaage
Phire dil mara mara
Yaar da tuta sahara
Kyun hai bhala yeh dooriyan
Kyun hai khala ab darmiyan


Rabba… tu itna baata de
Haan baata de baata de raaba
Ki kara main hoon ki kara ve
Haan baata de baata de rabba


He couldn’t take her abuse and her filthy accuses but they kept coming back to haunt his already burning heart and soul.


His love was scorching under the acid which his Jaan had so carelessly poured on it. “His Jaan”, did he even have the right left to call her “his Jaan” anymore.


Bhaga bhaaga phirta hai yeh dil
Hai jaane aisi kya hain mushkil
Tere bina jeena nahi hai
Tu toh meri saason mein shaamil
Ho teri duaaiya tere sadke soniya
De de rehaiyaa mainu dil se soniya
Dil ka kahi hai kya sahara
Kyu hai bhala ye dooriyaan


Rabba… tu itna baata de
Haan baata de baata de raaba
Ki kara main hoon ki kara ve
Haan baata de baata de rabba


Tere bina jiya na mora laga.. tere bina
Tere bina jiya na mora laga.. tere bina
Jiya na laage


What wrong had he done that she humiliated and dishonored his love to this extent when in fact all he ever did was to love her selflessly.


“You cheated on me”

“You deceived me”

“You slept with someone”

“You used me”


He just couldn’t take it anymore and closed his ears, tears flowing nonstop from his eyes, trying to stop her voice which was echoing, demeaning his love, questioning his very existence.


Roota roota rehta hain yeh maan
Hai jaane aisi kya hain uljhan
Tere bin hasta nahi hai
Haiii…jaane mere kyun hai dushman
Ho meri tanhaiyan dase mujhko soniya
Hogi ruswaiya tere dil ki soniya
Mere nahi hai ab guzara
Kyun hai bhala yeh dooriyan



He felt as if his heart would burst open and he stopped the car on a cliff. He screamed at the top of his lungs trying to vent out all his anger, his frustration, his hurt and his helplessness. He fell on his knees breaking down completely as her voices kept coming back to torture his already devastated soul. His soul was wandering in the darkness of infinity where she had so brutally thrown it but still only searching for his love as it was his only solace.


Rabba… tu itna baata de
Haan baata de baata de raaba
Ki kara main hoon ki kara ve
Haan baata de baata de rabba


Rabba hai… rabba
Rabba hai… rabba
Rabba hai… rabba
Rabba rabba
Rabba hai…rabba


How could she think so low of him, how could she disgrace his love? Oh God why didn’t I just die… kill me… please. I no longer want to live… I can’t bear her distrust… Please… have mercy


To Be Continued…
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