Selfless Love Part 3

Part 3

3 days later it was the 3rd anniversary of Maan’s proposal to Geet and as usual they went to their favorite restaurant for dining. When they reached home Maan had a pleasant surprise awaiting him. Geet had very romantically done up their entire bed room with heart shaped balloons and scented candles lit everywhere. The bed was decorated with rose petals and the whole place had a great romantic feel about it.


Please ignore dress

Geet (very sensuously removing Maan’s jacket): Come on honey, let’s have the time of our lives.


Throughout the week Maan had made sure that they didn’t have any physical contact since he also had the virus now and he didn’t want to affect Geet’s progress. But he could never ever deny his Jaan and obliged her giving her the kiss if her life. They kissed each other as if there was no tomorrow biting and licking each other while their tongues danced on their own tunes. He kissed her senseless and both finally broke apart grasping for air.


But today Geed had her plans to seduce her husband all sketched out, she tore open his shirt breaking the buttons like a wild tigress and furiously took in his lips biting and sucking them while her hands roamed inside his shirt exploring his smooth back creating havoc in his senses. She almost crushed him in the hug while scratching his back and biting his lower lip sharply before soothing it by licking and sucking the blood and a moan escaped Maan’s lips “Geeet“. She then very sensuously roamed her hands over his taut chest and fabulous abs turning him on and he too slid his hands underneath her kurti. He opened her B** strap and roughly caressed her bare back inside the kurti.


Geet started giving him wet kisses along his jaw line and moved down biting his Adam’s apple slightly before soothing it by licking it up and placing soft kisses on it. He was slowly losing his senses under her assault. She moved down giving him love bits along his chest before sucking, biting and licking his navel, she knew it really turned him on and he moaned her name in pure pleasure.


(Today Maan was trying hard to control himself as he had also tested positive and he didn’t want any interruption in her medication though he knew she wasn’t at any risk as her levels were higher but still). Geet was finding it strange as to why wasn’t he responding like he always does by loving her womanly asserts, so she took the initiative and opened her kurti dor letting it fall on the ground along with her B** and she hugged him tight. As her soft chest collided with his hard muscular chest fireworks occurred and chills ran down both their body. He could feel her peaked n******, knowing her need and was slowly losing his control as his health was more at risk and not his Jaan’s and he softly caressed her sides pleasuring her but she was in full mood today and wanted more.


She tucked at his pant buttons almost tearing them apart and his pants dropped down to his ankles. Then she very sensuously slid her hands inside his boxers, roughly caressing his back side, squeezing it ad he moaned in pleasure. She very sensuously caressed her fingers around his waist, bringing her deadly, havoc causing fingers to his front before massaging his hardness teasing his senses and he wasn’t able to take the sweet torture any more. He opened her salwar and crushed her in him letting her feel his arousal over her panties. He could feel her wetness showing how much she needed him in her, her eyes full of desire and he finally let go of his control. (He knew that she didn’t have risk from his condition since her numbers very higher. It was only he who was at risk so he let go of his guard. Had it been the other way round he would have rather died than touch her)


He removed the last barriers and Geet immediately jumped on him such that their parts touched and he was inside her. Maan was taken aback by surprise while she shrieked in pure pleasure. He carried her to bed before taking her for the ride of her life rocking her world. He kept thrusting in till they both collapsed hitting their climax.


18 + scene end

Geet (in pure bliss): You make my life beautiful Maan, please keep loving me like this forever and ever and never ever leave me.


Maan smiled, he would accompany her even in death, this toh was only illness.


Couple of days later they went in to give the samples as Meera had requested. Next day Maan received Meera’s panicked filled call.


Meera: Maan come as soon as possible.


Maan rushed to the hospital fearing the worst, cursing himself that maybe he ruined all by losing his control, that maybe Geet wasn’t responding to the drug. He ran to her cabin.


Maan: Meer, please tell me Geet is alright, please.


Meera: Maan, Geet is responding well to the drug, in fact her health is much better and if all goes like this she should be cured in a month (Maan sighed in relief as he couldn’t even imagine hurting her) But your body is not responding to the medication. Your numbers are going up Maan. I told you to avoid all physical contact. Did you listen to me or did you do it. (Maan remained silent). Oh God dam it, how can you be so careless, why don’t you understand the risk you took. Already you got infected and we didn’t even know if your body will accept the medication and you went ahead and just increased the virus spread. Have you completely lost it Maan. Please get a grip on your life. (somehow controlling her anger) Maan, I don’t know how but his week absolutely no intimacy because you numbers are already as high as Geet now. We know hers are going down but we need to know how is your body responding. Also if you get intimate now you will risk her health.


Meera knew now he would never take any chance as her health was at stake. A week went by and this time Maan made sure he avoided all physical contact without letting Geet know that it was deliberate how could he ever risk her life.


Next week when Maan was driving Geet to the hospital for the tests.


Geet: Maan, why do I have to get my blood sucked every week, yaar. Can’t they give the medicines for some duration like a month before re-testing.


Maan: Geet, that is the procedure, now, you are not a doctor na dear. Meer knows what she is doing.


Geet: But you never ever show me the reports also.


Maan: Don’t you trust me Jaan.


Geet: More than self.


Maan (breathing a sigh of relief as they reached the hospital): Chalo, let’s go Jaan we have reached.


Though Geet trusted Maan and Meera completely but somewhere she was getting very jittery as to what was going on. Geet would give her samples alone while Maan used to give his samples without her knowledge in another part of the hospital otherwise it would only get her worried and increase her suspicion as to why was he getting tested.


But today as luck would have it, Geet saw him giving samples.


Geet (shocked): Maan, why are you giving the samples? What is wrong with you?


Maan (stammering not knowing how to handle the situation): woh… woh… actually… haan… when we did our regular check up, they misplaced one of my reports so I needed to get it re-tested.


Geet was not convinced why didn’t he give the sample along with her, why did he come here to a secluded area. Doubts were creeping in her mind as to what exactly was going on but she didn’t say anything.

To Be Continued…
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