Selfless Love Part 2

Disclaimer and advice: Please bear in mind that it is highly risky to do what Maan did (unprotected s**) and one should not do it under such circumstances.

I have added translation to Hindi dialogues in English in bracket in purple color

Part 2

Next morning Geet woke up to find Maan adoring her softly caressing her cheeks.




Maan (smiled): Good morning, Jaan


Geet: Good morning (and she pecked him on his lips before lazily getting up wrapping herself in the blanket blushing remembering their passionate last night. Not able to meet his piercing gaze she ran to the washroom to get ready).


Maan also got ready and made sure she had her medication before he headed out.


Maan (he had kept the medication in a separate box so that she couldn’t read the composition): Jaan, you need to take these pills in the afternoon.


Geet: Arey, why do I have to take so many medicines? What’s wrong with me?


Maan (his voice almost cracked as he lied to her but he somehow composed himself): Nothing much Jaan, some mineral levels like iron, calcium are down. You just need to take these pills for a few months and you will be as fit as ever.


Geet: But I eat proper meals na toh how come they are down?


Maan (somehow controlling the tears that threatened to fall and faking a smile): Jaan, you trust me na.


Geet: Khud se bhi jyada (More than self)


Maan: Toh phir please take the medicines on time.


Geet nodded.




Maan left home but as soon as he started driving after biding her good bye, he could no longer control his tears. He had lied to her for the first time in his life. He banged his hand on the steering wheel feeling helpless but he had to lie to her as he couldn’t bear to see his Jaan breaking down.


He headed straight for the hospital to talk with Meera on keeping it a secret. As he entered her cabin


Meera: Kya hua, Maan (What happened, Maan)


Maan: woh… woh… (sighing) I want a promise from you Meer.


Meera: What promise?

Maan: Please promise me you won’t tell Geet that she has… (he closed his eyes not able to complete and a tear flowed out)


Meera (Shocked): What, you didn’t tell her? Then how will she have her medicines.


Maan: Woh… I told her that they are vitamin tablets as she is deficient in iron and calcium…


Meera (furious on him): Maan how could you lie to her. (tears brimmed his eyes) She needs to know her condition Maan. It is very risky for both of you. Otherwise how will you say no… (her voice trailed when she saw that look on his face as if saying, he could never deny his love to her) Don’t tell me Maan, you did it. I especially warned you. Have you gone crazy? (he remained silent) Have you lost your mind? (no answer) God dam it Maan, answer me.


Maan (raising his voice): You tell me how could I tell her that I should no longer love her for no fault of hers. You tell me how could I deny our love, how could I tell her that she is so ill, how could I break her heart, (tears poured from his eyes) when already she was so disturbed yesterday with the mere thought of losing me. Isn’t it better Meer if we are in it together. At least I will be with My Geet till eternity even if it means that I risk getting that virus. Because I don’t exist without my Jaan, this body has no meaning without my soul, my Geet. (he sobbed uncontrollably letting out his emotions, his helplessness that he had somehow hidden in front of Geet)


Meera was stunned, she knew he loved her cousin but to this extent, she never knew. She had never probably realized the gravity of his love for her, his love was probably deeper than the ocean, it spread vaster that the infinite universe, it was endless, limitless. It probably could not be conveyed in words what he felt for her. He simply adored her and was willing to risk his existence for her. Meera wondered how could someone love anyone so much that they just forgot self. How could love be so selfless, so limitless, so pure, so true, so divine, so endless, so serene that they were no longer 2 distinct people but pure togetherness, it was as if for him they had merged into one being and he didn’t exist without her. They no longer had any separate entity in his eyes or rather only she existed for him, his own life just meaningless, lifeless, simply alone, incomplete and lost without his Jaan, his Geet. “Jaan” yeah she was truly his Jaan. Meera was speechless to witness his ultimate sacrifice.


Maan (breaking down completely, bringing Meera out of her reverie): Tell… me… Meer… how… could… I… let…  her… break… down.


Meera (hugged him, her own eyes pouring tears): Maan, please control yourself. How will you save your Geet if you break down like this. Please Bhai you got to be strong for all of us.


Maan (somehow controlling his tears): Meer, promise me you will not let her know.


Meera: I promise. But you should get yourself tested again because most probably you must have been infected. (Maan simply nodded as if it didn’t matter). And we will repeat Geet’s tests also to see how her response to the medicine is.


Maan: Sure Meer, I will get her.


Maan and Geet repeated the test in a couple of days and it was proved that Maan had been infected. Geet was responding to the medicines which was a very good sign and both Meera and Maan breathe a sigh of relief that her body was responding well and was on her path to recovery. Meera prescribed medicines for Maan and asked him to get both their tests repeated after a week to see their progress. She also advised no physical intimacy as Geet’s virus spread was more and hence Maan was at a higher risk to deteriorating his health.

To Be Continued…
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